Belly Dance Music Master Releases Ruby in 2009

Hossam Ramzy -   Ruby
Hossam Ramzy – Ruby
Egyptian percussion master Hossam Ramzy has a new recording out titled Ruby that is dedicated to belly dance (also known as raks sharki and Oriental Dance) fans. Ramzy returns with the follow-up to 2000’s Faddah [Silver] (ARC, EUCD1614). “I was asked by many dancers around the world to create an album of similar style and quality” says Hossam.’

The compositions should be around five minutes in length but still capture the spirit of the classical Egyptian dance style of the 1970s and 80s in Cairo, as well as bring it all into the 21st century. Not an easy task, but here we have it.”

Ruby is described as a revolutionary juxtaposition of modern and traditional elements, resulting in sounds which are as unique and varied as they are lush and soulful.

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