Strongly Rooted in Tango Tradition

Otros Aires - Vivo En Otros Aires
Otros aires

Vivo en Otros Aires (Galileo Music, 2009)

While many musicians are attempting to create electronic tango combinations, very few manage to deliver music that is new, edgy and alluring. The best known of the global tango electronica acts is Bajofondo. Now you need to add Otros Aires to the list of most attractive electronic tango acts.

Their latest release is Vivo en Otros Aires (I Live in Other Airs), on Spanish label Galileo Music, shows the live experience of one of the finest contemporary tango crossover acts. The electronics do not overpower the acoustic instruments.

The bandoneon, performed by Omar Massa and the mesmerizing vocals of Miguel Di Genova (who also plays guitars, samples and electronics) dominate the recording. The rest of the band includes Diego Ramos on piano and Manu Mayol on drums and percussion.

Most of the material is composed of original compositions by the members of the band. Miguel Di Genova, a brilliant storyteller, guides the listener throughout the album, narrating fascinating stories about the remarkable characters that populate the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and Barcelona (where some of the band members spent some time). The 13 songs of this live CD are the result of the recordings made at the ND Ateneo Theatre of Buenos Aires on November 2007. Additional pieces were recorded live in Italy, Belgium, and Holland.

Vivo en Otros Aires brings the intimacy of a live performance with melodic and rhythmic surprises by one of the leading Argentine contemporary acts strongly rooted in tango tradition.

Recordings available:

  • In North America: Vivo en Otros Aires, Dos and Otros Aires
  • In Europe: Vivo en Otros Aires, Dos
  • Author: Angel Romero

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