5th Islamic Festival in Mértola, Portugal

The 5th Islamic Festival will take place May 21-24 at various locations in  Beja, Baixo Alentejo, Portugal. Artists include Alqui-mia – Trifony (Morocco/ Spain), Umeya – Sabores de Al-Andaluz (Syria/Sudan/Spain), Grupo Feminino de Tetuan (Morocco), Les Boukakes (France/ Algeria/ Morocco/Italy), Basidou (Morocco/ Spain), Oojami (Turkey/UK)

Africa and Near East join in Umeya, the meeting between Sudanese Wafir Shaikheldin and Syrian Salah Sabbagh. Their winding rhythms will be the base for the dancing by the beautiful Mónica Sade, technically and expressively virtuoso dancer, specialized in the performance and teaching of classic Oriental Dance (belly dance or raks sharki) and saber dance.

oughout his 17 years in Spain has taken him through such eclectic experiences as early music with Eduardo Paniagua, Celtic pop with Hevia, Galician folk with Luar Na Lubre, Castilian folk with La Musgaña, Jewish music with Klezmer Sefardí and Radio Tarifa’s rich flamenco fusion, as well as with his own artistic project. On stage, his communication ability, his inventiveness, sense of humor and empathy with the audience stand out.

Salah Sabbagh has been a percussionist for more that 30 years, specialized in Eastern instruments, like darbuka, riq and bendir, both playing as dance accompaniment as well as a soloist. During these years he has broaden his sensibility playing also some other traditional styles, like Egyptian and Balkan, touring throughout the Iberian peninsula and America. Umeya will perform on May 21st at the Mértola Castle at 21:30

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