Niyireth’s Colombian Portraits

Niyireth -  Musica Colombiana Andina: Music from Colombia
Niyireth – Musica Colombiana Andina: Music from Colombia
On Musica Colombiana Andina: Music from Colombia, Niyireth paints a picture of life in Colombia’s Andean region, from its crop fields and rolling hills to the indigenous people who inhabit the area. The picturesque surroundings of Colombia’s Huila department are a source of inspiration for many composers and musicians from the area. This is Niyireth Alarcon particularly evident in songs such as Mi tierra del Huila: "Land of Huila, your women are as beautiful! as the flowers of your fields…".

Love, lost and unrequited, also feature prominently in the lyrics of these songs. Niyireth is a trained mezzosoprano, and has earned many fans in her native Colombia with her clear, emotive voice and impeccable singing technique. She was born in Garzon, department of Huila, in southern Colombia and studied music at the Conservatorio de Neiva, Conservatorio del Tolima and the Conservatorio Nacional y Escuela Superior de Arte of the University INCCA of Colombia. She has won many awards for her music, and has performed at several of Colombia’s most prestigious venues.

In over twelve years of continuously working with Colombian music of the Andes, including conscientious musical training and consistent contact with artists, composers and instrumentalists, Niyireth has sought to make her contribution to this musical style by taking its singing to new levels, to bring this genre closer to the Latin American singing movement.

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  1. I recently discovered this CD via our local, public library. I must say that this is one of my most significant “finds”. At once, the listener is struck by the beauty of the vocals. Sung entirely in Spanish, the music is captivating regardless of whether or not one can decipher the lyrical content. Beyond the focus of the singing, the instrumentation of traditional South American instruments add a depth and quality that only intensifies the listening experience. While this music can be lumped into the “Folk” category, it is played with such passion and fervor, that it effortlessly transcends any attempt to pigeon hole it. This is true “world” music, and as such should be heard and enjoyed by those looking for something new. Highly recommended!

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