Recession Buster Salsa Series: Historia de la Salsa Part I

Willie Colon -  Historia de La Salsa - Willie Colon
Willie Colon – Historia de La Salsa – Willie Colon
New York (NY), USA – Recent studies on stress during these economic hard times point to the power of music, art and other cultural pleasures as stress releasers with added emotional and sensory value that lasts when compared to spending money on frivolous items. The Fania music label announces the release of a series of classic “Salsa” recordings from their legendary catalog that is sure to take you back to those times when both energy and opportunity were in abundance.

Six recordings will be released April 14, 2009 that will tell the “History of Salsa” in song, music and verse. From Cuba’s Queen of Latin Music, Celia Cruz to Puerto Rico’s Master Singer, Ismael Rivera to the New York based sounds of Hector LaVoe onto the legendary musical institution that is Puerto Rico’s Sonora Ponceña, this series will take you back to better times and brighter days.

Fania is similar to an art gallery where master works of arts are housed, exposed and collected as repositories of a cultural renaissance that may not be seen again in New York,” says CEO, Giora Breil an actual art collector himself who sees this music, and this particular series, as “harmonious vignettes into the lives of Latin New York.”

This “History of Salsa” series will be released onto the market at reduced rates compared to previously re-issued recordings. The first six releases will include compilations from the following artists: Hector LaVoe, Willie Colon, Sonora Ponceña, Ismael Rivera, Celia Cruz and Bobby Valentin.

The Fania music catalog is to Latin music what the Motown catalog is to R & B.

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