Meet the Now Generation Introduces The Iconic Rocksteady and Reggae Group The Heptones

The Heptones -  Meet the Now Generation
The Heptones – Meet the Now Generation
On April 14, 2009, 17 North Parade will release an anthology of one of Jamaica’s greatest vocal trios The Heptones. The 1972 classic collection Meet the Now Generation produced by Niney The Observer for the legendary late Joe Gibbs. This timeless composition is one of their first “reggae” works after an extended successful stay at the famous Studio One- the hit factory that defined them as definitive leaders for the rocksteady genre.

Part of 17 North Parade’s Reggae Rewind series, Meet the Now Generation, is a very significant chapter in the Heptones’ career as it embodies their seamless progression into more reggae-centric songs over the pop covers and polished tailor suits of the rocksteady era. From soulful sentimental songs like “Our Day Will Come” and “The Magnificent Heptones” to idealistic aspiration on “Freedom To The People” or spiritual guidance on “Be The One”, each track resonates with listener and gives them a truly authentic reggae experience of this particular era.

Originally appearing on two various artists LP’s in 1972, 17 North Parade consolidates these tracks on a single CD and adds exceptionally rare deejay versions and dub mixes plus comprehensive liner notes written by reggae expert Steve Barrow. All the songs are recorded and mixed by Dynamic Sounds and Joe Gibbs Studio, and the backing band The Now Generation includes some of the era’s top musicians (drummer Mikey ‘Boo’ Richards, bassist Val Douglas and guitarists Michael Chung & Geoffrey Chung).

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