Music Freedom Day Will be Celebrated Internationally on Tuesday 3 March 2009

music_freedom_day_300Over three years, the annual Music Freedom Day — observed on Tuesday 3 March 2009 this year — has grown into an event which inspires increasing numbers of musicians and concert organizers to join.

Unfortunately many countries violate artists’ right to freedom of expression. In countries such as Iraq and Somalia, a number of musicians were killed last year. In Pakistan, hundreds of music stores have been attacked and bombed. In Afghanistan, musicians are receiving death threats, musicians in Burma and Cameroon are jailed, while in Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s regime has forced several musicians into exile. This is why, once a year, musicians and media get together to advocate freedom of expression for musicians world-wide.

Music Freedom Day celebrates and advocates freedom of expression for musicians and composers. This implies freedom to play, record and perform music.

The nonprofit Freemuse, dedicated to advocating for free musical expression, invites musicians to participate in a global event on the subject of freedom of expression. The organization’s press releases says: "It won’t cost musicians a penny, but it will require that you make up your mind about your position: Are you ready to speak up for musician’s human rights and freedom of expression?"

Freemuse provides inspiration and ideas on its website for how musicians and presenters can contribute to the event. There are many ways. For instance, on the page you will find a list of ideas of what you could say to your audience if you have a performance in the days near 3 March. Or you could pass this message on in an email, or to your friends on MySpace or Facebook.

Freemuse idea site:  On this web page:

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