Flutist Doppo Nagata Releases Soul of Japan: "The Resonator"

Doppo Nagata - Soul of Japan
Doppo Nagata – Soul of Japan
Journey to unheard sounds, the sound hidden deep in the spirit, as Doppo Nagata reveals his music in the foreign land of Los Angeles. By tracing his Japanese memory path, he found his own sound in the U.S. – it is the happy and joyful side of Japanese music. The tile of his new recording is Soul of Japan: "The Resonator."

Doppo Nagata grew up in Japan and his Japanese sensitivity and melodies are deep in his heart. Like many, he was fascinated by American pop music since he was a teen.

He started piano lessons at the early age of 5 and has a strong classical music foundation. He choose double bass to be his main instrument at the music college in Japan and after graduation he decided to pursue his pop music career in Los Angeles. When he first arrived in Los Angeles, he spoke very little English-even ordering a hamburger at McDonald’s was a major challenge. However, as he played in various bands over a 10 year period of time, he acquired his fluency in English.
Just a few years ago, Doppo decided to form his own original band which combines his Japanese influence with his pop music experience in Los Angeles. He spent a year composing his own special style of that music. He picked a unique instrument which originated in South America, around the Andes Mountains in Bolivia and Peru. Doppo felt that this instrument, the "quena" had an earthy and spiritual sound and as he played it more, it actually evolved into a very unique Japanese sound.

After the success of several solo concerts, he decided to record his tunes in 2008. For a year he was in search of a unique sound and new approach and at the end of that year he finished his craft.

Doppo’s new album "Soul of Japan" carries the sound of harmony and unity, with the tradition and modernism of Japan. It’s available now for digital download at cdbaby.com/cd/soulofJapan as well as Apple iTunes and more than forty other digital download sites.

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