The Diverse Sides of Wei Xiao Dong

Wei Xiao  - Erhu Solo
Wei Xiao Dong – Erhu Solo


Erhu Solo by Wei Xiao Dong (2004) & Black Silk (It’s Hot Man Records, 2008) by Madame Xd

Chinese erhu master Wei Xiao Dong has released two recordings that present very different aspects on her music. Erhu Solo by Wei Xiao Dong is an acoustic effort that features evocative classical Chinese songs. For this recording, Wei Xiao Dong included the Central National Orchestra of China. She is also accompanied by two additional Chinese instrumentalists. Yaun Ke plays yang qin and Yuan Ding is on piano. The music was conducted by Liu Ju.


Madame Xd - Black Silk
Madame Xd – Black Silk


A few years ago Wei Xiao Dong moved to Detroit, in the United States and married musician Ken Hottmann, who plays bass, guitar and guzheng. Her new project is called Madame XD, which the publicity materials describes as a world music band. The first work by Madame XD is an EP titled Black Silk. The result is a mixture of Chinese music, pop and rock. The most appealing pieces are “Black Silk,” and “Sorrow of Separation,” where Wei Xiao Dong manages to combine Chinese and western music in an appealing form and could truly be described as world music. The other 3 songs go in a pop direction that barely shows any of her valuable Chinese music roots. Wei Xiao Dong’s contemporary side has great potential and, in the hands of a better producer, she will have a lot to offer.

Wei Xiao Dong was born in Heilongjian Province, China. She began studying erhu with her father at the age of 5. She was accepted to the Central Conservatory of Music in 1980, studying under professors Zhang Shao, Feng Zihao and Zhang Yuming. She has won numerous awards and competitions and has performed throughout China (while working as a member of the China Motion Picture Orchestra), Japan and the USA. Wei Xiao Dong is also an accomplished guzheng player.

Buy the recordings: Erhu Solo and Black Silk

Author: Angel Romero

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