UNESCO recognizes Cuban dance Tumba Francesa patrimony of mankind

Istanbul, Turkey (PL).- The first working day of the Inter government committee to Safeguard the Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of UNESCO, held recently here, formalized the Representative List of the Oral and Immaterial Patrimony of Mankind.
 This relationship includes 90 cultural elements, proclaimed by UNESCO in previous years and now officially recognized and among them is the Cuban dance called La Tumba Francesa. It is a rhythm of Haitian origins that remembers the social dances of the slave metropolis, but with the music of the African continent, explained to Prensa Latina Margarita Ruiz, Cuban representative in the event and president of the National Council of Cultural Patrimony.
 She also referred to the debates to create non governmental organizations with consulting status, which main objective is going to be to capture economic funds.

It is a very important task, she assured, since many of these cultural expressions of the Patrimony of Mankind are extremely fragile and belong to poor areas that need a material support for its preservation.
 Ruiz expressed her satisfaction for the high level of the working sessions, made out by experts, as well as for the relationship inside the Latin American countries that are part of the group.
 Venezuela , México , Paraguay and Peru are, together with Cuba, part of the group.
 The UNESCO Convention to Safeguard the Immaterial Cultural Patrimony was adopted in 2003 and has been ratified by 104 countries.
 Translation: Rodney Lopez (Cubarte)
 Source: PL/Cubarte

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