ModernBeats Releases Tribal Xplosion Loops

Featuring a large array of tribal/ethnic music loops in construction-style format, ModernBeats releases "Tribal Xplosion Loops 1". This melodic construction style loopset delivers 310+ loops derived from 26 multi-track construction loop themes. Each of the 26 multi-track themes provides layered performances of ethnic & urban instruments where each layer is separated into its own instrument loop file. Plus, all loops mix-match seamlessly together, allowing users to create hundreds of original multi-track music combinations with ease.

Packed with 23 rare ethnic instruments from around the world plus bonus conventional instruments, ‘Tribal Xplosion’ offers users a healthy dose of music loops modeled in the styles of music producers such as Timbaland, Darkchild, Neptunes, Scott Storch, Dre, Bloodshy & Avant, and more. A full list of instruments includes:

– Bulbul Tarang
– Chinese Ruan
– Clabbers
– Cumbus
– Dotara
– Gobijen
– Harmonium
– Koto
– Mizmar
– Oud
– Rababah
– Sitar
– Suling
– Talking Drum
– Tibetan Glass-Metal Bowl
– Wooden Slit Drum
– Native American Flute
– Bass Flute
– Dizi
– Ghu Zheng
– Alto Flute
– Egyptian Ney
– Swarasangham
– Acoustic Guitar
– Electric Guitar
– Bass Guitar
– Sub Bass
– Contrabass
– Organ
– Harp
– Brass
– Strings
– Synthesizers,
– Sound Effects

Tribal Xplosion Loops 1 is organized into 2 popular Hip-Hop industry tempo groups and key signatures:

87bpm = Key of A major/minor
97bpm = Key of C major/minor

The loop library features a sample accurate acidized WAV format for use with Acid Pro and all WAV format supporting music software. Tribal
Xplosion Loops is offered as a download, priced at just $39.95.

For more information and audio demos, visit:

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