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Tito Puente -  The Complete 78's, Vol. 1
Tito Puente – The Complete 78’s, Vol. 1
Tito Puente

The Complete 78’s, Vol. 1 (Fania, 2008)

Tito Puente was not only a great timbalero, but also an influential band leader during the golden era of Latin orchestras and mambo. After serving in the armed forces, Puente became a renowned big band arranger, composer and conductor. The Complete 78’s, Vol. 1 is a treasure trove that includes the Tito Puente singles that were released as 78s by the Tico label from 1949 through 1955. Most of this material was never released on LP nor CD. Latin music specialist Joe Conzo used many recordings of his own collection to put together this extraordinary double CD set.

Although the majority of the material are captivating mambos, many of which were hits, Puente also performs boleros, Latin jazz and other fiery Afro-Cuban pieces. The vocalist on most tracks is Vicentico Valdes, although there are also songs that feature Bobby Escoto. This first volume of the Complete 78s includes 40 remastered tracks and is the first volume in a series of four discs that will include the complete catalog of 78s by Tito Puente. "These recordings has been compiled and sequenced from the original Tico catalogue, a copy of which I have lovingly preserved," says producer Joe Conzo. "Many tracks have been remastered from my collection of the original 78 RPM recordings because the original masters are not available and so you will hear surface noise and clicks on them."

Track Listing:

Volume I, Disk 1
1. Un Corazón (w Johnny Lopez)
2. Solos Tu Y Yo (w Johnny Lopez)
3. Mambo Macoco (w Vicentico Valdés)
4. Abaniquito (w Vicentico Valdés)
5. Titos Mambo (w Vicentico Valdés)
6. Babalaqua (w Bobby Escoto)
7. Baile Simón (w Bobby Escoto)
8. Quiero Mi Tambo (w Bobby Escoto)
9. Cuban Cutie
10. A Burujon Puñao (w Vicentico Valdés)
11. Babarabatiri (w Vicentico Valdés)
12. Cuban Mambo (w Vicentico Valdés)
13. Mambolero (w Vicentico Valdés)
14. Mi Guaguancó (New Guaguancó) (w Vicentico Valdés)
15. Mambo La Roca
16. Lo Dicen Todas (w Vicentico Valdés)
17. Esy
18. El Nuevo Mambo (w Vicentico Valdés)
19. The Drinking Mambo
20. Oye Lo Que Tiene El Mambo (w Vicentico Valdés)

Volume I, Disk 2

1. Soy Feliz (w Vicentico Valdes)
2. No Lo Hago Mas (w Vicentico Valdes)
3. Vibe Mambo
4. Por La Mañana (w Vicentico Valdes)
5. Willie And Ray Mambo
6. Tinguaro (w Chorus)
7. Mambo Con Puente (w Vicentico Valdes)
8. Baile Mi Mambo (w Vicentico Valdes)
9. Tatalibába (w Vicentico Valdes)
10. Guajeo En Dominante
11. Mambo Gallego
12. Quiereme Y Veras (w Vicentico Valdes)
13. El Rey Del Timbal (w Vicentico Valdes)
14. Que Lindo El Mambo
15. Titóro
16. Mamey Colorao’ (w Vicentico Valdes)
17. Camina Camaron (w Vicentico Valdes)
18. Mari Juana (w Vicentico Valdes)
19. Mambiando
20. Mambo Suavecito (w Vicentico Valdés)

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