Reggae Icon Cocoa Tea Releases Follow Up To International Hit, “Barack Obama”

Miami (Florida), USA – Zojak World Wide announced that just a few months after recording the international hit, “Barack Obama”, Jamaican roots reggae star Cocoa Tea is in the spotlight again with his follow up single, “Yes We Can”. “Barak Obama”, which has been circulating for months on the radio, among reggae fans young and old as well as casual music fans around the globe, is praised for its participatory message and catchy melody. “Yes We Can” is Cocoa Tea’s brand new, non-partisan follow up calling for unity between people of all political affiliations, races and classes. In cooperation with Zojak Worldwide, the leader in digital distribution, Cocoa Tea is making both tracks available for sale exclusively via the new website,

Cocoa Tea says “Barack Obama” and “Yes We Can” are significant in part because they reflect a remarkable mix of popular culture and international citizenship. When asked why anyone should be interested in what a Jamaican reggae artist has to say about American or international politics, Cocoa Tea answers,“Because of the message. It says things about decisions being made in Washington, DC which affect people of the whole world. We know the USA is the greatest superpower so somewhere along the line we know what happens in Washington, DC will affect the world.”

Both “Yes We Can” and “Barak Obama” will be featured on the upcoming Cocoa Tea album release from Zojak World Wide, scheduled for release on November 4, 2008, the same day as the US presidential election.

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