New Flamenco Sheet Music Books by Mario Escudero and Juan Lorenzo

Mario Escudero - The Glory of Flamenco Guitar
Mario Escudero – The Glory of Flamenco Guitar
Ventilador Music has published two new books (with CD) with sheet music by the legendary Flamenco guitarist Mario Escudero and contemporary guitarist Juan Lorenzo.

Mario Escudero – Gloria de la Guitarra Flamenca, written by Claude Worms includes some of Escudero’s most important works, including the buleria ‘Ímpetu.’ Escudero performed with some of the leading artists of his time, including Vicente Escudero, Ramón Montoya, Tomás Pavón, Niña de los Peines, and Mairena. The book’s notes are in English, Spanish and French.

Guitarist Juan Lorenzo provides 200 exercises for flamenco guitar on 200 Ejercicios para Guitarra Flamenca. The book comes with a CD that allows the student to listen to the exercises at lower speed. Bilingual edition in English and Spanish.

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