World Music Steps into Second Life Series

World music will soon step over into the virtual world known as Second Life with writer, computer and sound designer Jeremy dePrisco’s world music series “World Music Explorer Listening Series in Second Life.” Set to start on August 21, 2008 at 4pm PST, the series will be hosted by virtual Second Life host Thaylon Singh (Jeremy de Prisco) in the online arts collective Muse of Fire in the thriving community of Second Life.

Touting the series as a virtual musical lounge where musical boundaries will be explored and crossed, Mr. dePrisco adds, “Now more than ever, through various forms of media and forms of community, we have an opportunity to open our ears to new sounds. And now, more than ever, that opportunity brings with it the chance to discover other aspects of culture and connect on a different level as human beings.”

Through Thaylon, dePrisco hopes to “demystify the term ‘world music’ and show people that what they hear on the radio (especially in the US) is only a tiny fraction of the great music available if we just open our ears and set aside some of our conditioning.”

The tentative schedule will open in August with an introduction to world music, a September 18th discussion on Italy and finding music on vacation and October 16th discussion on Africa and world music in politics. Each session will begin at 7pm EST or 4pm PST. November and December dates have yet to be set but will include topics surrounding Indian and Latin music.

Musician, producer and Second Life devotee, dePrisco is a powerhouse with theater, intercultural studies and community activist credits. Musically rooted in American folks, blues and roots music, Jeremy dePrisco is known for his penchant for experimentation, including mixing Rumi poetry and Buddhist teaching with Delta blues. His debut CD Mandala was released in 1999 and his follow-up recording Cadillacs & Tarantulas was released in 2002. The 2006 collaboration with theater director and Professor Dr. Stephen Schrum resulted in Immaculate Misconceptions and was later offered on in a virtual reprise on Second Life in 2008.

The “World Music Explorer Listening Series in Second Life” is being hosted in conjunction with Phorkyad Acropolis and Meghamora Woodward of the Music of Fire collective.

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