Chants From The Kingdom Of Tonga

 Chants from the Kingdom of Tonga
Chants from the Kingdom of Tonga
The Kingdom of Tonga has been in the news lately because of the coronation of the new king, which took place at the end of July. Chants from the Kingdom of Tonga is a new CD released by British label ARC Music. It includes authentic field recordings made by David Fanshawe between 1978 and 1978. The album ends with a new choral work by David Fanshawe, who is also a composer.

The CD comes with an extensive booklet in four languages, that provides information about Tongan music an dance. "This album comprises highlights from my musical survey of the Tongan islands," says  David Fanshawe. "It includes: the most authentic ceremoniao chanta tau’a’alo; traditional instruments such as the nafa drum and fangufangu nose flute; faikava love songs; lakalaka historical songs; and the notorious Old Times serenading us with their banjos and ukuleles."

Tonga is a nation formed by various Pacific islands, which used to be known as  "The Friendly Islands."  The islands were united into a Polynesian kingdom in 1845 and became a constitutional monarchy in 1875.

Track listing:

1. ‘Ani lai ‘a e – 1:13

2. Welcome Song – 1:17

3. Ma’ulu’ulu – 3:54

4. Tau’olunga – 4:24

5. Tongan Ceremonial – 4:58

6. Sunday Morning in Taunga – 2:06

7. Kava drinking song – 2:45

8. Holonga Faikava – 4:23

9. Hena Shark Calling / Makafeke Octopus Fishing – 1:33

10. ‘Utete mouth harps of ‘Eua – 1:27

11. Lakalaka Hihifo – 7:45

12. Finesola – 2:25

13. Me’etu’upaki – 3:33

14. Faikava Kanokupolu – 1:44

15. ‘Old Timers’ Dateline Hotel – 3:11

16. The Nobleman Ve’ehala – 2:38

17. ‘Otuhaka opening – 1:37

18. Oi inu i le’ava e – 1:21

19. Muli tu pe – 1:20

20. Hulo Hulo – 1:28

21. Malua lau fanga e – 1:21

22. Io ae e e – 1:27

23. Moenga ngongo tau fea – 1:36

24. ‘Otuhaka closing – 1:25

25.-27. Pacific Song: Chants from the Kingdom of Tonga – 10:19

25. Pacific Song: Hulo Hulo – 5:29

26. Pacific Song: Muli tu pe – 1:53

27. Pacific Song: ‘Otuhaka – 1:53

28. Pacific Song: The Singing Reef – 1:04

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Author: Angel Romero

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