The Ancient Koto on DVD-ROM

A new DVD-Rom about the Japanese koto is now available. The new release, titled Koto, was recorded with the player facing the koto using the correct posture and emotional display to achieve the high quality 96 kHz/24bit sound. You can hear many basic play techniques such as types of chalking, finger slides, pizzicato, and arpeggios all inside 1023 file.

The koto is not only used in traditional music, but also modern day composers have also used the instrument in collaboration with orchestras since the early 1900’s. The koto captures the pure sound of Japan. It was used in old Japanese court music to sooth the body. It has also been said that this instrument could purify you mind, body, and soul.

Its 13 strings bring elegant and spiritual sounds that mimic stillness and motion as does the 4 seasons of Japan.

The DVD-ROM is available from

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