Jamaican Reggae Star Stevie Culture to Grace the Stage of Reggae On The River 2008

Stevie Culture
Stevie Culture
San Francisco (California), USAJamaican Reggae star Stevie Culture will be performing at the return of the original Reggae On The River Saturday July 19, 2008 at Benbow Lake State Recreation Area in southern Humboldt. Stevie Culture is known for his hit songs "Herb", "Top Class" and "Rolling Down The Street". At Reggae On The River he will be gracing the stage with his home grown band and a spectacular horns section.

The show also features The Wailing Sould, Katchafire, Warrior King and Sister-I-Live. Stevie’s connection to the Mateel Community Center is deep rooted and this show is important in keeping the name of Reggae On The River alive forever.Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Mateel Community Center will revive Reggae on the River as a single-day, roots reggae and world music celebration at Benbow Lake State Recreation Area.

A transitional year for the event, with issues still unresolved in the festival’s ongoing legal dispute, Reggae on the River 08 will be an in-house production offered in a keep-the-name-alive-forever spirit, with hopes to return the festival to 3 day event that will again support the work of both community non-profits and the Mateel Community Center.

Stevie Culture

International Reggae artist Stevie Culture has been a singer and entertainer since his early teens. Stevie was born in Kingston Jamaica to Rastafarian parents. His Father was a guitar player and singer and his love of music certainly rubbed off on Stevie. He began playing the drums at age 12 and quickly became popular because of his musical talent and positive attitude.

By age 16, Stevie became well known and would sing with leading sound systems and play and sing with bands all across the island of Jamaica. Stevie’s strong spirituality and belief in those people willing to make a difference is evident in his debut album "Top Class". He speaks of keeping life full of joy and helping the world’s youth to put down guns, drop drugs and violence, and channel their energies in more life-giving directions. The album is layered with positive and uplifting messages and is widely considered an instant classic.

Stevie’s Message

As well as being a lifelong singer, Stevie has also always carried with him his message. When asked what one thing he would tell his fans, he responded in a heartbeat: "Hol’ a joy!". "Don’t let the problem rule your life", he says: "Don’t think of the problem. Think of the solution. Just be happy about what you’re doing.." View videos of Stevie Culture live here. About KSR (King Step Recordings)

Tickets on sale now $50 – Free Parking

More information at Stevie Culture.

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