Brewed by Noon CD-DVD release concert at Le Poisson Rouge in New York with a special 10th Anniversary concert by The Hub

Brewed by Noon will celebrate the release of its new CD/DVD titled Being Brewed by Noon at Le Poisson Rouge in New York on July 10. Being Brewed by Noon is a live CD with DVD. The audio disc includes live performances from Brewed by Noon’s spring 2007 tour in New York and throughout Europe. The supplemental DVD features a full documentary and extra live music video footage of Brewed by Noon’s performances on the New York underground scene. Beginning in 2003, filmmaker Tom Asma compiled footage of Sean Noonan’s various projects, demonstrating how he organizes, produces, composes, and rehearses his one-of-a-kind ensemble.Brewed by Noon is a fermentation of wandering folk music from the New York progressive jazz scene. Sean Noonan’s goal is to adapt folklore into a modern jazz context, merging storytelling and folk music from the Bardic and Griot traditions. Like old wine in new bottles, his mission is to ultimately understand and preserve these ancient traditions by re-interpreting folklore from a modern perspective.
 Brewed by Noon is a global village band comprised of Thierno Camara (bass/vocals), Aram Bajakian (guitar), Abdoulaye Diabate (guitar/vocals/percussion), Susan McKeown (vocals), Mat Maneri (viola), Marc Ribot (guitar), and Jamaaladeen Tacuma (bass) .
 Sean has developed as an astute band-leader, something in the eccentric tradition of Sun-Ra, rallying his band-mates in his boxer’s robe, or showing up to rehearsal in the Russian gangster look he’s been cultivating of late (mono-color tracksuit, big chains, sunglasses), coalescing his style and ideas into the music, directing an eclectic group of musicians from a variety of different cultures. Through his unique persona, the sincerity of his ideas and–more than anything–his stunningly original music, Sean has managed to put together a band in Brewed by Noon that bridges both generations and cultures.
 The Hub includes Tim Dahl bass/compositions, Alex Marcelo-keyboards, Sean Noonan drums/compositions
 July, 10, 2008 @ 10pm
 Le Poisson Rouge
 158 Bleecker Street, NYC
 subway ABCDEFV to West 4th
 $15 in advance, $20 at the door
 order tickets at

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