La Mari (Chambao) and Ricky Martin Win Best Pop Ballad for their Duet "Te Recuerdo"

New York, NY (USA) – The 16th Annual ASCAP Awards have awarded Ricky Martin and La Mari (lead singer of Flamenco chillout band Chambao) "Best Pop Ballad" for their duet "Tu Recuerdo" in the Latin Category. "[She has] one of the sweetest and communicative voices. I could not have sung with any other," said Ricky Martin.

Con Otro Aire is the newest release from Chambao. Exploring east and west, north and south, all while maintaining solid Mediterranean roots, Con Otro Aire, initially released in Spain, contains 12 new songs and will receive national distribution in the US on June 10th.Chambao exploded on the scene in 2002 with their self titled debut and inclusion in the monster selling Flamenco Chill series guaranteed them a huge following. They were soon branded ‘Flamenco Chillout’, a way of defining a music that mixes the outdoor element of Flamenco with the indoor element of chillout. Time has proved Chambao to be one of the only groups capable of creating artistically viable songs from two such disparate elements.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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