Persuasive Lure into a World of Wonder


The 10,000 Steps  (Kosmic Music, 2008)

Combining the talents of singer/songwriter Lisbeth Scott, known for her musical collaborations on such movies as The Chronicles of Narnia, Munich  and The Passion of the Christ, and percussionist/songwriter Greg Ellis, member of the ensemble Vas and musical contributor to The Matrix, 300 and Fight Club, is a surely a ticket to the ethereal. Affixing the name Biomusique to their collaboration, Scott and Ellis will offer up the debut recording The 10,000 Steps on the Kosmic Music label, set for release on May 13th.

Pairing Eastern and Western musical traditions, along with a wide cinematic feel, The 10,000 Steps is an enchantingly persuasive lure into a world of wonder. Opening with soothing bells, “Ananda” spirits away the listener to a magical world hung on the elegance of Ms. Scott’s vocals. Shot through with piano, harmonium, trumpet, guitar, frame drum and tabla, the musical tapestry of The 10,000 Steps creates wonderlands of sound like the dreamy “Caeli et Terra” and the wildly rushing beauty of “The Tender Green.”

Riveting and rich, tracks like “Ohroo” with its windswept feel and haunting dulcimer and “Persephone” with its threaded piano line cull evocative images, made even more powerful with Ms. Scott’s spectacular vocals on this fantastical excursion.

While the CD leans musically more toward the ambient than world music, especially on tracks like the tranquil, poised beauty created on “Redemption,” the CD is well worth the mental journey. The tightly woven tapestry of percussion, harmonium and piano offers a clean sound against richly wrought vocals of Ms. Scott, who impossibly creates soaring, towering vocals on one track and offers up lace-edged, sweet vocals on the next track. Intimately reflective and artfully layered, Biomusique’s The 10,000 Steps is radiantly dreamy.


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Author: TJ Nelson

TJ Nelson is a regular CD reviewer and editor at World Music Central. She is also a fiction writer. Check out her latest book, Chasing Athena’s Shadow.

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