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A different kind of election is happening this week in support of working musicians from around the world. Calabash Music is a finalist in the entrepreneurial contest at the small business site Ideablob.com. The prize is $10,000 and the votes will be counted on April 30th. "So, if you want a break from the Democratic Primaries but still want to vote for something you believe in…," says Calabash Music‘s President, Brad Powell.

The project is to Make A Difference for Working Musicians Around the World. "Here’s our Idea as posted on Ideablob.com," says Powell "Every artist has the same problem of obtaining capital for their next recording. Tune Your World provides the solution of applying the principles of micro-financing to the music industry. Our groundbreaking approach is the creation of peer-to-peer micro-financing of new music projects – enabling fans to deliver start-up capital to aspiring musicians from developing countries around the world. Tune Your World operates on a people-to-people model. Musicians obtain funding for new recordings directly from their fans without giving up ownership or control. Our mission is to revitalize the music industry in places where the music industry has never worked very well. learn more at www.tuneyourworld.com.

"Here’s what we’ll do if we win $10k: This prize would help change the way the world finances music. Tune Your World is an Open Source music project that enables artists and fans to co-produce new works of art and share in the creative process. We need to complete development and support work to ensure that the first artists who use our micro-financing tools are successful. Our international music network already includes over 3,000 international musicians and more than 75,000 registered users. Early success will help spread the word about this radical new approach to music production-ultimately supporting all of the artists we work with around the world."
 Change the way the world finances music: Cast Your Vote Today

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