Namgyal Lhamo, Tibet Under the Skin

As the struggle for a Free Tibet continues, Netherlands based Tibetan singer Namgyal Lhamo has pushed the cause to the forefront of the artistic community with a music video from her upcoming album ‘Highland Supernova’ which be released in less than a month from now. A week after Namgyal Lhamo hit the headlines with a cover photo that screamed Free Tibet in the Bangkok Post’s magazine "Guru,” the team that was filming the title song "Aalayeah-Highland Supernova" for the new album came up with a concept that has already raised eyebrows across Asia.
 The use of a tattoo to convey a global message engraved on Lhamo’s back is the cause of the stir. The tattoo, designed by award-winning Tibetan/Burmese tattoo artist Khung-Sa reveals itself at the end of the song and pleads “Save Tibet” and more. The song is a break from the "Nightingale of Tibet’s" traditional outing into spaces where hard rock and power pop reign supreme along with her explosive singing.

Described by the producer’s as "the most progressive Tibetan album ever", Highland Supernova is a compilation of 8 songs including the radio edited version of "Changkha" which won Namgyal Lhamo the Best Female artist award at the 2007 International music awards and the runaway hit "Yihong Lhase-Dry Rain" which has intrigued audiences at Lhamo’s recent concerts in Europe. The album is scheduled for a May 2008 release.

In 2007, Lhamo released Pure (Silk Road) and The Enchanted Land (Silk Road).

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