Dazzling Eva Ayllón

Eva Ayllón Live
Eva Ayllón Live
Fiery Peruvian singer Eva Ayllón chose Hollywood for the videotaping of her live DVD, Eva Ayllón Live from Hollywood. Ayllón‘s spectacular show includes the hotter side of Afro-Peruvian music as well as her intimate repertory. Accompanied by a large ensemble of top of the line musicians, which includes her band and numerous guests, her charismatic delivery and the collection of captivating Peruvian rhythms mark Ayllón as one of the leading exponents of Peruvian music.

Ayllón‘s band features two percussionists, bass, guitar, piano and backing vocals. For this special live show, Ayllón invited a brass section, legendary Peruvian percussionist Alex Acuña, additional master percussionists, guitarist Ramón Stagnaro, and bassist Abraham Laboriel.

There are several music styles within Afro-Peruvian music and Ayllón performs many of them, including several festejos, which are audience favorites. On “Estuve Cavando,” she is joined by four female dancers.

One highlight of the show is the Jarana performance of a Jarana in the traditional style, with guitar, cajon, castanets and handclaps.

Another favorite is the Zapateo act. The Hermanos Campos, both percussionists, get on stage and perform a traditional Peruvian tap dance that includes foot tapping and body percussion.

There are more crowd pleasers such as the fabulous cajon jam with 4 players.

In addition to Afro-Peruvian classics, such as “Toro Mata,” “Me sabe a canela,” “Estuve cavando,” “Ingá,” Ayllón introduces her sentimental side with a medley of Creole Valses and “Añoranzas,” where she expresses nostalgia for Peru ( Ayllón now lives in the United States).

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Author: Angel Romero

Angel Romero y Ruiz has been writing about world music and progressive music for many years. He founded the websites worldmusiccentral.org and musicasdelmundo.com. Angel produced several specials for Metropolis (TVE) and co-produced “Musica NA”, a music show for Televisión Española (TVE) in Spain that featured an eclectic mix of world music, fusion, electronica, new age and contemporary classical music. Angel also produced and remastered world music and electronic music albums, compilations and boxed sets for Alula Records, Ellipsis Arts, Music of the World, Lektronic Soundscapes, and Mindchild Records. Angel is currently based in Durham, North Carolina.