Indian Classical Music DVD-Art Of Transcendence-Jugalbandi

Spundana Mudra releases Art of Transcendence series of Music Yoga Healing DVDs March 2008. the first release is a  Jugalbandi live concert with Jagan Ramamoorthy, Paul Livingstone and Abhijit Banerjee, featuring sitar, violin and tabla.  Ragas featured in this concert are Gaavati and Gorakh Kalyan–evening melodies.

The Spundana Mudra Foundation has a specific motto– research and application/implementation of the healing powers/effects of micro-tonal music such as Classical Indian vocal and violin music combined with Sacred Symbols, Mantras/Chants and Texts/Treatises from a very rare and ancient tradition called the Shree Vidya. The main areas of focus are working with/researching the healing effects of micro-tonal music on Human DNA and consciousness.

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Author: phisum