Hungarian Singer Andrea Gerak Is Back On Stage After Cancer Operation

The recent months were rather eventful for Andrea Gerák  in between joyful travels and performances, medical examinations found she had cervical cancer . The Hungarian singer ,and her family, was struck with the news . It was a surprise, for Andrea radiates vitality in her closer and broader environ alike. They tried to keep a low profile about it. The public did not notice any signs of an illness at her concerts.

In January 2008, a successful operation was carried out, whereby surgeons removed the affected part in a way that no residue of the disease remained present. Therefore no further medical treatment is needed, only regular check-ups.Recovering, Andrea did not stay idle: she was preparing for her upcoming concerts, with several new songs and gave interviews. For the first time, she speaks about defeating cancer, which is dreaded by many:

"To confront the fact of what my illness was, hit me as a huge slap in the face, but I didn’t let its pain and shock put me down longer than a moment. I was sure that I would overcome it quickly, because I have so much to do in the world. And in one way or the other, it is still me who is controlling my own body. This incident forced me to do a more thorough self-inspection as well as learn more about how the human body works, for example what does nutrition have to do with cancer or other diseases.

I am encouraging everybody to get the basic information on their own bodies, the physical and mental causes of illnesses and their effective prevention or, when that is needed, handling. And indeed do the necessary steps!"

I would like to say thank you for all those who helped me through this difficult period: my family, few friends that knew about it, my doctors (in Stockholm Michael Przedpelski and Margarita Piper, in Budapest Maria Fabian, Peter Lovas, Laszlo Palfalvi – he did the operation – and Peter Lerner) as well as the nurses of Szent Istvan Hospital."

Andrea Gerak was already on stage last week in Stockholm, and at the end of this month she will be heard at the Budapest Fringe Festival where she will take the listener to a mystical trip to different regions of Hungary and faraway lands with acappella folk songs and ethnic electronica versions.

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