Amparanoia’s Final Tour and Boxed Set

Amparanoia will shortly release a new CD/DVD boxed set ‘Séguiré Caminando’. This release will be the final act for Amparanoia, whose singer-leader Amparo Sanchez is currently working on her first solo-album, which will be released early in 2009. But before that, Amparanoia is preparing a ‘Bye Bye Tour’ in a luxuriant style for this Summer 2008.
 "Those 10 years of Amparanoia were really great", comments Amparo Sanchez, "I arrived in Madrid in ’97… A young women coming from Granada in Andalucia arriving in a big city, with only my son and guitar with me. I had to start singing in bars, not for fun, but to survive. Imagine how happy I was when I could start recording my first album, finding musicians and starting that great adventure called ‘Amparanoia‘".
 Between 1997 and 2007 Amparanoia released 6 albums and became one of Spain’s most famous alternative Latin bands. Amparanoia was one of the first Spanish ‘mestizo’ bands to become known outside its own country thanks to their singer Amparo’s uplifting ‘rebeldia con alegria’ (revolt with joy). As a strong front-woman with an ever-laughing smile on her face, she was always convinced of what she did, always open to listen to others, never afraid to change an opinion and always interested to discover something new.Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, UK, Canada and Latin America. Whether it was in small clubs or the major festivals, an Amparanoia performance always meant a brilliant live show full of positive vibrations, Latin sounds and people dancing…
 After playing 10 years with Amparanoia, singer Amparo Sanchez wants to do something different: "I feel that the moment did come to prepare something different to Amparanoia", says Amparo. "Of course my spirit and influences will be the same, but perhaps it will be easier to present something new. Anyway, on stage I always will be the same girl who wants to sing beautiful songs".
 But before Amparo completes her first solo-album in 2009, Amparanoia releases ‘Séguiré Caminando’ a boxed set of (2 CDs and 1 DVD). "The main idea was to look back to those 10 years of Amparanoia", explains Amparo. "The DVD contains an Amparanoia-concert in Sala Apolo in Barcelona, November 2006. And we also made a unique documentary about all those years on the road. We called it ‘Antes de Hoy’ because it’s our story of 10 years of Amparanoia with exclusive footage of collaborations, interviews, backstage,…". In addition to the DVD, there is a live-CD of that Barcelona-concert and a 2nd CD with remixes and unreleased tracks with Calexico and Manu Chao.
 In May ’08 Amparanoia takes off for their ‘Bye Bye Tour ’08’, a far reaching tour with an extended live-band of 9 musicians. This will be the finest of Amparanoia, with a selection of songs from all of their albums.

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