Shiko Mawatu Is Nominated For An NAACP Award In The World Music Category

Legendary, African performer Shiko Mawatu’s new album Kimbanda Nzila has been nominated for a prestigious NAACP Award. The album has already garnered a huge amount of critical acclaim and attention for this amazing artist. A percentage of the sales of Shiko’s album are going towards the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation for the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital. Shiko is extremely committed to giving back and healing his homeland. He is also donating money to help with the construction of new, water wells for the people in the Congo. Shiko Mawatu’s album Kimbanda Nzila is nominated for Best World Music Album.
 Shiko Mawatu’s, Kimbanda Nzila is his first solo album after many years of writing and composing for others artist. His phenomenal, debut album comes out at a very difficult time, his country Congo has known nothing but tragedy since 1996. He decided to make the album not only to uplift broken spirits of Congolese and those who love them, but to help raise money to build water wells for the forgotten ones and to give some proceeds to the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation on its wonderful project of building a hospital in Kinshasa, Congo.Shiko Mawatu combines African, sensual, dance music with politically, powerful lyrics. Shiko Mawatu’s music is created to primarily bring attention to a country and its people devastated by war. The NAACP nomination is a validation that recognizes his contribution to the American music industry as well. “We are delighted to learn that Shiko Mawatu has been nominated for an NAACP Image Award and we hope that this will help America take a look at the Congo, one of the most impovrished countries in the world. It’s about time for the world music community to take a look at the Congo, given the fact that millions of people are dying but the music is not dying,” said the official statement from Tabilulu Productions and iMak Entertainment, the Executive producers of Shiko’s CD.

The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) was founded in 1909 and the prestigious, organization is one of the champions of social justice. The NAACP was crucial during the civil rights movement and their historic legacy has been influential in creating positive changes in history. The 39th Annual NAACP Image Awards are televised in March and were started in 1967; the award show is the premier event to honor outstanding black actors, actresses, writers, producers and directors. Presented annually the NAACP Awards are a star-studded salute to the best in entertainment. Honorees, presenters and performers have included many of the major celebrities in America (Stevie Wonder, who was inducted into the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame, Halle Berry, and LL Cool J) as well as international political figures and dignitaries. There are 36 competitive categories in the fields of motion picture, television, music and literature.

Shiko has also recently appeared on television with the Travel Expo and the New York City Tourism Board to promote travel in exotic places with a televised performances on Fox Channel 5. F

A statement from Tabilulu Productions and iMak Entertainment explains the deep emotions behind the project, “We are tired of standing by and watching others talk about us as if we do not exist or do not know how to express ourselves. Shiko Mawatu’s Kimbanda Nzila although it’s not in English language, it is however a testimony of a humanitarian effort from an African trying to help Africa the best way he can. Americans can help by buying Kimbanda Nzila, which is a small step toward reconstructing people’s lives.”

 The Congo is among countries that have gone through tragic wars in African history. An eight-year war hasn’t ended properly despite an election that took place this year, 2007. The country is still suffering from spasms of violence and little is known about it.

The International Rescue Committee, which has been providing humanitarian assistance in Congo since 1996, conducted four mortality surveys in the country between 2000 and 2004; it has found the mortality rate exceeded the "normal" rate for sub-Saharan Africa by nearly 4 million people. This makes the crisis in Congo the deadliest anywhere since the end of World War II, dwarfing Bosnia, Kosovo, Darfur and even the South Asian tsunami. Yet for the most part, these deaths have gone all but unnoticed.

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