2007 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) World Music Finalists Announced

ISCLogo_BlueThe International Songwriting Competition (ISC) announced today its 2007 finalists and semi-finalists. Selected out of over 15,000 entries from 100 countries worldwide, they represent all genres of contemporary music and reflect an impressive wealth of diversity and talent.

This year’s competition is the largest yet for ISC, with the biggest growth coming from entries outside the USA. For the first time ever, a majority of finalists and semi-finalists come from outside the USA, from countries as far away as Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Mariana Islands, Peru, Hungary, and many more. This year, 53% of finalists and 54% of semi-finalists come from outside of the USA. This embodies the true spirit of ISC and establishes it as the largest international songwriting competition in the world.Over $150,000 (U.S.) in cash and merchandise will be awarded to 59 winners, including an Overall Grand Prize winner who receives $25,000 in cash (the largest cash Grand Prize of any songwriting competition in the world) and over $25,000 in prizes.
Winners are selected by a panel of high-profile judges and will be announced in April, 2008. ISC judges include executives from ten record labels (including the presidents of Epic and Universal Records) and celebrity recording artists.

ISC 2007 Finalists

World Music

  • Adouna Mouhamed Diouf (Dediouf) – Annecy, Senegal
  • Devil Eyes Luisa Sobral/Renato Milone (Black Tea) – Lisbon, Portugal and Italy
  • Esa Morena Frank Anthony Paco/Muriel Marco (Tucan Tucan) – Cape Town, South Africa
  • Ha Dias Luca Mundaca – Valinhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Leavened Heart (I Tumble Down) Keith Eric Johnston – Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Maza Africa Alex Kajumulo – Bukoba, Tanzania
  • Mi Lelolai A Mi Yaweh Carlos Olmeda – San Diego, CA, USA
  • New Dawn 2008 Alain Nkossi Konda – Immenstadt, Germany
  • Ollú Omar Sosa – Oakland, CA, USA
  • Piki Kake Ake Hareruia Abraham (RUIA) – Auckland, New Zealand
  • Red Reign Nitza Amor/Zied Ben Amor (Nitza) – Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Refugee Rose Moore – San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Sambadia Bueso-Bua-Baniakina Murphy (Lang’ i) – Brazzaville, Congo
  • Tabli Tabli Mohammed Alidu – Tamale, Ghana
  • The Briss Joshua Lebofsky – Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Ya Waadi Akim El Sikameya – Paris, France


  • Bad Ideas Keri Latimer (Nathan) – Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  • Bad Liver And A Broken Heart Scott Nolan – Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  • California Wine Korby Lenker – Seattle, WA, USA
  • Chicago James Hyland/Dennis Ludiker – Austin, TX, USA
  • Day To Day Frank Solivan II – Alexandria, VA, USA
  • I Am Empty Now Grant Peeples – Crawfordville, FL, USA
  • Lonesome Town Carla Ryder – Jamaica Plain, MA, USA
  • Louisiana Hurricane Michael Ernest Garner – Rotorua, New Zealand
  • Mississippi Moon Emily Kurn – Anchorage, AK, USA
  • One More Time Holly O’Reilly – Seattle, WA, USA
  • Secrets of the Bride Greg Hobbs – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • The National Side Ben Kyle (Romantica) – Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Thirteen Cam Penner (Cam Penner & The Gravel Road) – Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Walking Down To The Station Kimberley Crawford Beggs (Kim Beggs) – Whitehorse, YK, Canada
  • What Might’ve Been Markus Rill – Wuerzburg, Germany


  • Birthday Suit Loring A. Jones (L.A. Jones And The Blues Messengers) – Orange County, CA, USA
  • Broken & Blue Tracy K – Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
  • Color-Blind Angel Robin Rogers/Tony Rogers – Charlotte, NC, USA
  • Eye For An Eye Jeff Pitchell (Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood) – Rocky Hill, CT, USA
  • Goin’ Home Train Ferenc Kovács (T. Rogers) – Budapest, Hungary
  • Gravy Train Joe Lundheim (Joe T. Cook & The Longshots) – Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • Just What You’re Looking For Peter David Harper (Harper) – Perth, WA, Australia
  • Man On The Run Javier Vargas/Jeff Espinoza (Vargas Blues Band) – Madrid, Spain
  • Number’s Down Andrew Winton – Scarborough, WA, Australia
  • Only 24 Gino Matteo – Covina, CA, USA
  • Stuck On The Blues Richard Ray Farrell – Newton, PA, USA
  • That’s The Only Time Jack de Keyzer – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Tomorrow’s Come And Gone Mark Earl Cook – Woodstock, GA, USA

Unsubstantial Blues Magdi Rúzsa – Budapest, Hungary


  • 10,000 Stones Adrianne Gonzalez – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Blanket Diego Sandrin – San Dona di Piave VE, Italy
  • Dedicate Ian Britt – Sheffield, England
  • Don’t Let It Go To Waste Greg Trooper – Nashville, TN, USA
  • Emily Jeremy Zeyl/Douglas Romanow (Isobelle Gunn) – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Hearts A Mess Wally De Backer (Gotye) – Merricks Beach, VIC, Australia
  • If I Came Back As a Song Barnaby Bright – New York, NY, USA
  • Kickin’ This Stone John Smith – Trempealeau, WI, USA
  • Never Letting Go Will Knox – London, England
  • Peccadilloes Clare Bowditch (Clare Bowditch & the Feeding Set) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • Remington Requiem David Babin (BABX) – Paris, France
  • The Things That Count Markus Rill – Wuerzburg, Germany
  • This Old Love Lior Attar (Lior) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Union Square Rebecca Jane Quade/Andrew John Maclean (The Millers Tale) – Fitzroy, VIC, Australia

You Without Me Eddie Tadross – New York, NY, USA


  • Depende De Ti Priscila Moreno – Panama City, Panama
  • Despierta Andrie Iglesias/Archy Bueno (Tercera Vizion) – Miami Beach, FL, USA
  • Imune A Ti Sonia Molina – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • La Luna Kathleen Elin Melgarejo (Elin) – New York, NY, USA
  • La Negrona Richie Pla (Mambo Tropical) – San Jose, CA, USA
  • Layla Arturo Varak – Laredo, TX, USA
  • Lo Tienes Todo Henry Gainza – New York, NY, USA
  • Mujeres Desaparecidas Patricia Vonne/Israel Rodriguez – San Antonio, TX, USA
  • Oyelo Margarita Restrepo – Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
  • Romance/Alem Das Nuvens Djavan Weber Iago/Masha Campagene – Moscow, Russia
  • Siempre Te Amare Jencarlos Canela – Hialeah, FL, USA

Other categories:


  • All The Time Kip Kolb (kLoB) – Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • Closer To Nowhere Jen Foster – Nashville, TN, USA
  • Falling Into Space Don DiLego – New York, NY, USA
  • Fires David Latreille – London, England
  • Goodnight Eli Miller/John Zox/Dan Edinberg/Spencer Swain (ZOX) – Providence, RI, USA
  • Horses Abby Dobson/Ian Houston Shadwell – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • I’m Not Sorry Todd Beauchamp – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Novacaine Sweetheart James Henderson (Indigo Joe) – London, England
  • On My Way Kara Grainger/David Kalish/SLIM – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Oxygen Jason Gleed/Marc Jordan/Christopher Ward (Gleedsville) – New York, NY, USA
  • Reachin’ Out Laura McGhee/Phil Ferns – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Stay Kathy Ziegler – Ithaca, NY, USA
  • Tall Angels (Breathe Baby Breathe) Anthony Skinner/Philip Hood – Franklin, TN, USA
  • Vivant Paulo Mondano/Pascal Coquard – Panissieres, France
  • The World Is Turning Jackie Bristow – Sydney, NSW, Australia

Children’s Music

  • Best Friends Erin Langley/Kyle Brady (Jitterbug Theatre Productions) – Fairhope, AL, USA
  • Bounce Steve Pierson (Jambo) – Studio City, CA, USA
  • Buzzy The Busy Bully Bee Mary Lambert – Kingston, ON, Canada
  • Golly Ollie Ostrich Tracey Eldridge – Baltimore, MD, USA
  • I Have 2 Stomachs David Heitler-Klevans/Jenny Heitler-Klevans/Jason Heitler-Klevans/Ari Heitler-Klevans (Two of a Kind) – Cheltenham, PA, USA
  • Iddy Biddy Kitty Louis Nichole – Prospect, CT, USA
  • If I Had A Giraffe Fran Snyder/John Paul Williams – Lawrence, KS, USA
  • Milky Way Bill Harley – Seekonk, MA, USA
  • Peanut Butter Jambalaya Dana Cohenour – Blaine, WA, USA
  • Rainbow (Inside Of You) Jane E. Robertson – Tamworth, NSW, Australia
  • Sam The Clam James Kregg Barentine – Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Stinky Feet Lanny Sherwin – Santa Barbara, CA, USA
  • The Library Song Radha Sahar (Radha & The Kiwi Kids) – Wellington, New Zealand
  • Wee Wee Dance Rob L Compton (Babaloo Music & Fun) – Washington, MO, USA


  • 339 (Nuthin’ But An A&R Smiler) Stefano Balbis – Aosta, Italy
  • A Better Version Of You Greg DiCostanzo/Paul Sabourin (Paul And Storm) – Yardley, PA, USA
  • Bare Hands Adam Stokes – Stillwater, OK, USA
  • Dear Santa Sean Morey – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • I’ve Done It Brent Lillie/Paul Harris – Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia
  • If I Had The Copyright Carla Ulbrich – Somerset, NJ, USA
  • Kid In First Class Tony Goldmark/Marissa Goldmark (Flying Like Wilma) – San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Lumberjack Alice Rose Bryld (Alice Rose) – Cologne, Germany
  • My Country Girl Phil Naro/John Rogers/Roger Banks/Chris Cambon – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Pretty On The Inside Patrick Halloran/Jeff Hoag/James G. Telfer (Ceann) – New York, NY, USA
  • Re: Your Song About My Client Delilah M. Spaff Sumsion – Bountiful, UT, USA
  • The A.D.D. Song Sean Morey – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Third Best Thing Gord Matthews – Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Turd In My Swimming Pool Garrett Perkins (Uncle Milty) – Charlotte, NC, USA
  • Wakey Bakey Dennis McGregor – Sisters, OR, USA
  • Women! Know What I’m Sayin’? Brian Woodbury – Los Angeles, CA, USA


  • Angel Jaque Faye/Jimmy Russell – Miramonte, CA, USA
  • Best Friends Jill Spencer/Amanda Brown/Reno Holler – Portland, OR, USA
  • Diamonds Cliff Cody/Kaci Bolls – New Albany, OH, USA
  • Dream On Steve Fox – Old Hickory, TN, USA
  • If I Die Young Kimberly Marie Perry (The Band Perry) – Greeneville, TN, USA
  • Just Past The Milky Way Blu Sanders – El Paso, TX, USA
  • Like Father Like Son Patrick Jason Matthews/Jim McCormick – Nashville, TN, USA
  • Little Dream Russell Grimmer (Stevens Lane) – Brenham, TX, USA
  • Love Pain and the Whole Damn Thing Amy Sky – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Paint Me Blue Natalie Howard/James Dean Hicks – Nerang, QLD, Australia
  • She Drives Me Country Brandon Lepere/Mike Sherlock/Anthony J. Resta – Seabrook, NH, USA
  • Somebody Stole My Horse Harmony James – Tennant Creek, NT, Australia
  • Thank God Jay Collie/Jasper Somerville-Collie/Tim Dutton (Jonah’s Road) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Uphill Kim Copeland/Rachel Williams/M. Ramirez – Nashville, TN, USA
  • Waiting Adrienne Leopold/Graham Verdon – Toronto, ON, Canada


  • Beauty Hides in The Deep Raz Nitzan/Adrian Broekhuyse/Peter Kriek/Ariaan Olieroock (The Doppler Effect) – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Celestial Beings Irit Danenberg/Nimrod Lev/Yaniv Shneck (Rhythm Beating Silence) – Kefar Veradim, Israel
  • Crazy Nasty CC Wong (CC Sound Factory) – Singapore
  • Elegant Erodee– St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Ghost J.Brieden/J.Scott.G/J.Blum (JES) – New York, NY, USA
  • High In The Night Lennart Jensen – Stockholm, Sweden
  • King & Queen Sif Neo/Rasmus Neo (Rather Sound Than Safe) – Djursland, Denmark
  • Locked In Michael Dodds/Scott Nunan (Michael Dodds aka Rolanoid) – Durban, South Africa
  • Nowy Plan Matt Kowalsky/DJ Fontem – Warsaw, Poland
  • Papito Neil Cascarino/Colin Preston (DJ Mikaso) – Kettering, England
  • Song Of Karma Frederic Dimola/Alexandre Doyen (Exalter) – Liege, Belgium
  • Superstarr Daniel Kircher/Ralph Kircher (xoxowithlove) – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Waking Up Miguel de Azcarate/Yani Hell/Sylvia Greif (Milow) – Paris, France
  • Wings Of Life Zságer Balázs – Budapest, Hungary
  • World Go Round (Vito V Remix) Natasha Kaminsky – Winnipeg, MB, Canada


  • All Is Well Renard Anthony Edwards (Ranthony) – Tampa, FL, USA
  • Ashes Beautiful Amy Graham – Birmingham, AL, USA
  • Beautifully Broken Jonathan Kingham/Cindy Morgan – Seattle, WA, USA
  • Eyes Of Mercy Kris Miller/Jayron Weaver – Hemet, CA, USA
  • Grace Timothy Thompson – Brentwood, TN, USA
  • Homeland Greg Sczebel – Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
  • I Feel The Spirit Walt Cunningham Jr./Nathan Johnson Jr./Leon Haywood (Walt Cunningham And One Accord Featuring The Dartmouth College Gospel Choir) – Chicago, IL, USA
  • Move On Down The Line Robbin Thompson – Richmond, VA, USA
  • Our Anthem Jo Cinquina/Abe van Hatch/Daniel Const/Stuart Henry/Joshua Heglund/Joel Seneque (Stadium) – Perth, WA, Australia
  • Surrender (Give My Heart) Zach Blickens/Sarah Blickens (Zach & Sarah) – Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
  • To Really Love Anthony Skinner/Scott Macleod/Ross Huskinson – Franklin, TN, USA
  • Where Love Is King Roma Waterman – Melbourne, Australia
  • Wildflower Wade Iedema (Lifetone) – Lismore Heights, NSW, Australia
  • Wonderful Jake Brothers – Ashland, OH, USA
  • You Give Jason Ward Witte – Sedona, AZ, USA


  • Chelima Seckou Keita – Nottingham, England
  • David’s Song Estas Tonne – Russia, Israel, and more
  • Fantastique Voyage Thomas Schobel – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • H.A.N.D (Have a Nice Day) Andrew Shulman/Leo Shulman – Topanga, CA, USA
  • Haley’s Comet Pat Haley/Dean Mott/Matt Christensen (Mossy Creek) – Chico, CA, USA
  • Louisiana David Herzhaft – Burcin, France
  • Major Tom Tom Burda/Joe Hanley (Redux) – New York, NY, USA
  • Matador’s Guitar Yiannis Kapoulas – Hamilton, ON, Canada
  • Rhapsody In Paris 1789 Gyula Papp (Papp-Sardy Band) – Budapest, Hungary
  • Space Hole Robin Alan Jackson (March Fourth Marching Band) – Portland, OR, USA
  • Superball Keith Andrew Hills/Hidenori Yura (The HNK Experience) – Kyoto, Japan
  • Take The J Train Brian Woodbury – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Trommeslått Øyvind Rauset – Oslo, Norway
  • Wildfire John Menegon – Marbletown, NY, USA


  • Blow To The Head (Parts I and II) Abram Wilson (Abram Wilson & The Delta Blues Project) – London, England
  • Breath Ben Wendel (Kneebody) – New York, NY, USA
  • Der Turm Anke Helfrich – Weinheim, Germany
  • Jazzin’ Around David Herzhaft – Burcin, France
  • Louise Felicia Carter – Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Nothing To Kill Or Die For Antonio Apuzzo (Ibrido Hot Five) – Liveri, Napoli, Italy
  • Quidnunc Mo John William Gordon – Oakland, CA, USA
  • Rubber Band Cory Combs – Mill Valley, CA, USA
  • Song For My Son Egri János – Budapest, Hungary
  • Stay With You Luluk Purwanto/Rene van Helsdingen – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Surfing Richard Underhill – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • The Flipside Jaleel Shaw – Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • The Ice Hotel Jim Tomlinson/Kazuo Ishiguro – London, England
  • The Mad Hatter Rides Again Jeff Coffin – Nashville, TN, USA
  • The Struggle Jeff Busch and the Jeff Busch Quintet – Seattle, WA, USA

Lyrics Only

  • A Summer Girl Stephanie Spijkerman – Den Bosch, The Netherlands
  • Before I Fade Away Bryan Tess – Kerry, Ireland
  • Does God Only Hear Sober Prayers? Cormac O Caoimh – Cork, Ireland
  • Faded Photograph (After All These Years) Lisa Venkatrathnam – Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • Home Jeremy Lyall – Mountain, ON, Canada
  • I Am A Book Kori Withers – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Kerry’s Lament Carmel McCallum/Steve Montgomery – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Loved One Jeremy Silver – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Mad River Chelsea Christine Miller/Matthew Keith Miller – Fort Collins, CO, USA
  • Miss You Peter Farrell – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Seasons Of Love Sara Jaffe – Cape Town, South Africa
  • Softly Spoken Guy Gareth Bish – Ross on Wye, England
  • Something Happened T. Courter Smith – Cazenovia, NY, USA
  • The Boys Of The Blvd. Wael Kabbani (The Iambic Dream Project) – London, England
  • The Power Of A Song Jimmy Scott – London, England


  • Brighter Lights Paul Liddell – Sunderland, England
  • Close Your Eyes (Allison’s Song) Justin Hewitt – Victoria, BC, Canada
  • If It Comes Around Ryan Montbleau – Boston, MA, USA
  • Instrument of Peace Amy Sky/Marc Jordan/Stephan Moccio – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Like Water Elizaveta Khripounova/Oren Hadar – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • London Bombs Kav Temperley/Stuart MacLeod/Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe) – Perth, WA, Australia
  • Making My Way Back Home Paul Hicks – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • Only 24 Gino Matteo – Covina, CA, USA
  • Paint Me Blue Natalie Howard/James Dean Hicks – Nerang, QLD, Australia
  • Say What You Will Damhnait Doyle/Aubrey Winfield – Halifax, NS, Canada
  • She Said (East Hastings) Kallen Saczkowski (Katchphraze) – Oakville, ON, Canada
  • Sing Your Song Kat Goldman – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Soul Michael Paynter/Peter Gordeno – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • Venice Beach Jen Foster – Nashville, TN, USA
  • Wolf With A Shield Randy Yee (Randit) – San Francisco Bay, CA, USA

Pop/Top 40

  • 18 Candles Josh Abel/Tristan Martin/Tobias Jesso/Martin Kottmeier (The Sessions) – North Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Blame Rob Diament/Martin Glover “Youth” (Temposhark) – London, England
  • Closer Michael Paynter/Gary Clark – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • Getting Better Sean Lowry/Robert Taylor/Bowden Campbell/Paul Bianco (Celebrity Drug Disasters) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Hello California Salme Dahlstrom – New York, NY, USA
  • How Did You Get This Way Derek Downham (Trophy) – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • In The Gully Mahara Tocker – Te Aroha, New Zealand
  • Move Along Julian Abrahams/Kane Watters/Nick Keeling/Pat Lillicrap/Muchtar Johnson/Dan Bray/Yen Nguyen/Munro Melano (Casual Projects) – Canberra, ACT, Australia
  • Nize Ebbe Ravn (Indeed) – Kolding, Denmark
  • San Francisco Chris Kalgren/George Hadfield (This World Fair) – New Hope, MN, USA
  • Still Holding On Robin Fredriksson/Mattias Larsson (Real Pitch) – Karlstad, Sweden
  • The Better Part Charlie Lang (Parkers Break) – Austin, TX, USA
  • Try Belle Humble/Tim Gordine (Belle Humble) – London, England
  • Unsettle My Heart Robin Waters (The Boat People) – Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  • Wait Jobie Mallett/Sam Bastedo/Josh McCulloch (Whitfield) – Vancouver, BC, Canada


  • Anythin 4 U Cheryline Lim/Ratt Pack (Che’Nelle) – Edgewater, NJ, USA
  • Babylone (RAY RAY MIX) Raymond Rousseau/Alain Banag (OL1KU and Ray Ray) – Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Ball And Chain Papa Adofo/Colin Harris (Cuban Friday featuring Saya) – Ghana
  • Bumper Mihai Ogasanu/Tahliah Debrett (Tahliah) – Bucharest, Romania
  • Choose One Grover Zinn/Diaro Foster/Mandolyn Ludlum (Zinndeadly featuring Big Dro & Mystic) – Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • La Receta David Lewis Keimonti Thomas (Kemo the Blaxican) – Norwalk, CA, USA
  • Mamacita Daniel James De La Torre/Dwain Victorian/James Pettie (DeweyPC) – Long Beach, CA, USA
  • Rainfall Christopher Jenkins/A’shanti Jenkins/Kyle Bluff (Nonpareilyx) – Orange County, CA, USA
  • Str8 Wylin’ LaDerrick Coleman/Bryan Rogers/Rich Warren/Chad Moore/Ryan Moore (EQ-Live) – Racine, WI, USA
  • That’s Gangsta Hardhead – Moreno Valley, CA, USA
  • The Violin’s Cry Mahyar Jamy Bagheri (Cia Gomes Featuring Jamy Bagheri) – Jambes, Namur, Belgium
  • Try Robin Hooper/Golmorad Moshiri/Bryan Trevitt/Steve Messinger/David Coles/Kevin Coles (Sweatshop Union) – Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Want It Stefan Eliades (Lyrical Eye Featuring Elpnicki) – Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Welcome To The Cold Kallen Saczkowski (Katchphraze) – Oakville, ON, Canada


  • All The Salt In The Sea Chris Snyder/Joe Stroll/Previn Warren (The States) – Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Black Fingernails Red Wine Kav Temperley/Stuart MacLeod/Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe) – Perth, WA, Australia
  • Bright White Teeth Daniel James Maguire (Mog) – Wellington, New Zealand
  • Dear John Letter Brett Winterford (Peregrine) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Disco Ball (Boulevard Re-mix) Cynthia Catania/Annmarie Cullen (Saucy Monky) – Totowa, NJ, USA
  • I’ll Fight For You Brooks Vickers/Andrew Avril (Blinded) – Kelowna, BC, Canada
  • I’m Not Your Friend Eduard Glumov – Aktobe, Kazakhstan
  • Metric System Raj-Kumar Siva-Rajah (The Sunpilots) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • My Little Secret Tara Slone/Jordon Zadorozny – Toronto, ON, Canada
  • New York Kav Temperley/Stuart MacLeod/Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe) – Perth, WA, Australia
  • Normal State Michael Luginbuehl/Valentin Grendelmeier/Andreas Wettstein/Marc Müllhaupt (Prisma) – St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Opium Oscar Ivan Fajardo Perez (ERA) – Lima, Peru
  • She Don’t Jason Gleed (Gleedsville) – New York, NY, USA
  • Somebody Will Miss You Alex Qasabian/Kevin Fouche/Mark Fouche/Greg Byrne (Stone Parade) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Time Up Eduardo Pereira/Antonio Ferreira Dos Santos/Gilberto Bezerra Junior/Ricardo Leao / Felipe Tichauer (The River Raid) – Recife, Brazil
  • Unborn Clint Crighton/Dale Allison/James Sarzotti – Sydney, NSW, Australia


  • 101 Grace Kelly – Brookline, MA, USA
  • All Night Jordan Voth/Matthew Voth (20 Pound Shovel) – Ste. Anne, MB, Canada
  • Angel James Laurelyn Carter – Huntsville, AL, USA
  • Cashier (A Little Bit O’ Lying) Jace Patkai – Alliston, PE, Canada
  • Colors Matt Savage – Francestown, NH, USA
  • Country Girl Caitlin Nicole Eadie – Lake City, FL, USA
  • Find Me Waiting Antonio Pontarelli – Temecula, CA, USA
  • First Kiss Jackson Patrick James Cook – Kelowna, BC, Canada
  • Groove For Mr. Z Ken Grant Kaneko – Cos Cob, CT, USA
  • I.N.G. Tia Parchman (Tia P)– Inglewood, CA, USA
  • Lightning Kelsey Wild – Byron, IL, USA
  • My Girls Shalaine Mezzo (Shalaine) – Mont Nebo, SK, Canada
  • Pound Alexander Briem/Askell Hardarson/Bernhard Thorsson/Jon Gunnar Olafsson/Sigurdur Asgeir Arnason (Soundspell) – Reykjavik, Iceland

One winner will also be selected as part of the ISC Peoples’ Voice which invites the public to listen to and vote for their favorite ISC finalist. To listen to all the finalists’ songs and cast your vote, go to songwritingcompetition.com

The complete panel of 2007 judges include: Tom Waits; Loretta Lynn; Julian Casablancas (The Strokes); Nelly Furtado; Ray Davies (The Kinks); Kenny Wayne Shepherd; Ornette Coleman; Youssou N’Dour; Sean Paul; Jerry Lee Lewis; “Weird Al” Yankovic; Black Francis (Pixies); Robert Smith (The Cure); Cassandra Wilson; David Cross; Craig Morgan; John Mayall; Joe Satriani; Toby Mac; Michael W. Smith; Chris Hillman (The Byrds); John Scofield; Hinder; Amy Ray (Indigo Girls); Cheech Marin (Cheech & Chong); Darryl McDaniels (Run DMC); Macy Gray; Peter Hook (New Order); Paulina Rubio; Tiesto; Charlie Walk (President, Epic Records); Monte Lipman (President, Universal Records); Mona Scott-Young (President, Violator Records); Cameron Strang (President, New West Records); Steve Lillywhite (Producer – credits include U2, The Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Peter Gabriel, and more); Bruce Iglauer (Founder/President, Alligator Records); Cory Robbins (Founder/President, Robbins Entertainment); Betty Pino (DJ, WAMR Miami, pioneer of Latin radio); Angel Carrasco (President, 605 Discos and Sr. VP A&R, Sony BMG Latin America); Thomas Brooman (Co-Founder/Artistic Director, WOMAD); Dan Storper (President, Putumayo World Music); Nancy Wolpert (VP Home Entertainment and Nick Records, Nickelodeon/BMG); Leib Ostrow (CEO, Music For Little People); and Paul Majors (CEO/Founder Majors Music).

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