Andy Palacio Funeral and Tribute Concert

Andy Palacio
Andy Palacio
Belize will honor the late Andy Palacio this week with a tribute concert on Friday, January 25, in the morning. The concert will be held at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City.

The funeral ceremony will take place on Saturday in Barranco, the small village in southern Belize where Andy was born and raised. His body will be brought by boat (weather permitting) to Barranco, where there will be a traditional Garifuna wake as well as a Catholic service. A separate state funeral is being planned for Palacio this week. 

A major tour was in the works for Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective with special guests Umalali starting in April and running through the fall. After discussing it with the musicians and agents, everyone agreed that Andy would have wanted this tour to continue, in tribute to his memory and to further his goal of exposing Garifuna music and culture to the world. A number of rising stars of Garifuna music will be added to the lineup.

"Last October, the last time that I saw him, he accepted the WOMEX Award, clearly moved,  together with his great friend, Iván Durán, happy and delighted," says Spanish National Radio’s Lara López. "Andy Palacio gave thanks for the award with a compelling, elaborate, efficient, and contagious speech. He was a human being that was passionate about his culture and people, the Garífuna community. We have lost him too soon, but his songs remain, with which we will honor his memory and they will be with us forever.  Thank you, Andy, for having planted the Garífuna adventure in our hearts."

Author: World Music Central News Department

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