Namgyal Lhamo’s Second Coming

Namgyal Lhamo
Namgyal Lhamo
As ethnic Tibetans across the globe get ready to celebrate Losar-Tibetan New Year in February 2008, Netherlands based Tibetan singer/songwriter Namgyal Lhamo gets ready for a double flight to accentuate the celebrations.

Signed to Deep Emotions/Universal Music publishing, the artist popularly known, as "The Nightingale of Tibet" presents her traditional album "Anthology" a collection of timeless, classic, traditional Tibetan songs that promise to be a collector’s item alongside "Highland Supernova", a flipside to the first and a blazing compilation of 8 tracks that are crafted to cut across cultures, age groups and mindsets with the plush use of explosive guitar riffs and organic house sound against traditional Tibetan singing. 2007 was a great year for Lhamo as her albums Pure (Silk Road) and The Enchanted Land (Silk Road) opened to rave reviews and she was voted the "Best female solo artist from India/Tibet at the 2007 International Music Awards.

Lhamo states, "Both albums are sides of the same coin, though they possess great international appeal and feel; they shall always remain embedded firmly in my roots that are proudly Tibetan."

A worthy wait for Asian world music lovers as this immensely talented First Lady of Tibetan singing promises to deliver path-breaking sounds along with her great voice.

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Author: malabarian