Putumayo Presents Latin Reggae

Putumayo presents... Latin Reggae
Putumayo presents… Latin Reggae
New York (NY), USA – Later this month, Putumayo will release , featuring acts from Latin America and Spain. Ever since the phenomenal crossover success of Bob Marley began in the 1970s, reggae has taken the world by storm and made its way into the popular musical expressions of every region on the planet. Putumayo World Music now focuses on the artists who blend Jamaican jams and Latin beats.

Latin Reggae includes trailblazers and newcomers from the rock and reggae scenes of Latin America and Spain.Like their counterparts in Europe, Africa, the US and beyond, the musicians on Latin Reggae have adopted the rhythms and philosophy of reggae, singing socially conscious lyrics in Spanish, and adding elements of regional styles into the flexible reggae groove. Many of these and other Latin reggae groups have made it onto the pop charts over the past twenty years.

A portion of the proceeds from Latin Reggae will be donated to Acción International in support of their efforts to provide people of Latin America and around the world with the financial tools needed to work their way out of poverty.

Track listing:

1 Muchachito Bombo Infierno • Conversaciones Incompatibles • (Spain)
2 Macaco • Mulata Descolorada • (Spain)
3 Radio Malanga • Charito Va • (Spain)
4 Los Cafres • La Receta • (Argentina)
5 Cultura Profética • Reggae Rústico • (Puerto Rico)
6 Go Lem System • Pura Sangre • (Spain)
7 Ticklah feat. Mayra Vega • Si Hecho Palante • (USA)
8 Black Gandhi • Pateras • (Spain)
9 Amparanoia • Ven • (Spain)
10 Gondwana • Libros Sagrados • (Chile)
11 Sarazino • Desbaratado • (Ecuador/Canada/Algeria)

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