Flamenco Singer Victor Quero Blaya "El Charico" Dies at 28

Flamenco singer "El Charico" died on the1st January 2008. An accident had left him in a coma from which he never recovered.
Victor Quero Blaya "El Charico" was born in 1979 in the heart of the Albayzín in Granada. Since childhood his great passion was flamenco singing and from 13 years old he was performing in public. A the age of 16 and 17 for two consecutive years he won second place at the Concurso de Jóvenes Flamencos de Granada, a prestigious singing competition for young flamenco
Victor began performing professionally at various flamenco tablaos (flamenco shows) in the caves of the Sacromonte such as La Cíngara, Los Tarantos, El Corral del Príncipe and La Venta del Gallo where almost all the flamenco artists of Granada have worked at the start of their careers.Victor also sang with Emilio Maya and his flamenco group Grupo Maya and with Jaime "El Parrón" with whom he toured Portugal, France, UK and Belgium. He was regularly seen at the Peña Platería, Granada’s flamenco club, and at the flamenco club the Eshavira.
 In 2000 he collaborated with the recording and presenting of the CD Graná baila por Tangos produced by Curro Albayzín.
 In 2003 he performed, along with Jaime Heredia ³El Parron², Antonio Campos, Juan Tirado, Victor Quero ³El Charico², Antonio ³El Manzana² and the guitarists: Emilio Maya, Rafael Santiago "Habichuela" in a group of flamenco singers from Granada called Los Faraones at the Flamenco Festival in Sevilla in 2003 and in Granada at the Theatre Isabel Catolica.
 In August 2004 he won two prestigious awards for his singing at La Union, the flamenco festival of Murcia, for his Bulería Por Solea and Seguiriyas accompanied by Emilio Maya.
 In the same month he performed at the Lewes Guitar Festival in England to present Emilio Maya’s CD Temple on which he can be heard singing "Caramelos" with Marina Heredía and the bulería "Cazuela Pa 1500". In November the same year he went with Emilio to present Temple in Belgium and in January 2005 returned to Britain to perform in the Spanish Festival in Notttingham and Brighton. In August 2005 he performed at the Festival Valkulture in Croatia with the flamenco dancer Ana Calí.
 In February 2005 accompanied by Emilio Maya on guitar Victor recorded three songs with the producer Harold Burgon which were intended for his first solo album. As a result of these recordings he was invited to sing at the Flamenco Festival at La Puebla and also at La Reunion de Cante Jondo de la Puebla de Cazalla in June 2005.
 Antonio Núñez wrote in the Diario de Jerez 05/07/2006 The Granadino singer Víctor Quero El Charico has one of the most promising voices in flamenco.
 However just as he was achieving wide recognition for his singing, an accident left him in a coma from which he never recovered.
  Article By Katrina Edbrooke. Photo by Christian Bamale.

Author: Adel Salameh