Fascinating Flute Recital by V. Vamshidar

Author: Ms. Lakshmi
There is a saying in the Tamil Language – "Pulliku Pirandadu Punai Aaguma!" which means – "could the offspring of a Tiger be a Pussy Cat!", thus signifying the significance of a lineage. And this was seen in the scintillating Flute recital of young Vamshidar on 8th Dec07 at the ‘ Shri Subha Siddhi Vinayaka Mandhir Society’ Mayur Vihar Delhi.
 Well – this was Vamshidar’s maiden appearance in Delhi and kudos to him – he came off very well. V. Vamshidar hails from the illustrious family of musical luminaries. He has proved his mettle as a flutist by procuring the First Prize in the coveted All India Radio Music Competition in the year 2003. Though he has a considerable track record of performance in the south including the Music Academy, there was a considerable element of curiosity due to the publicity given and regarding his lineage as the grandson of the veteran late – Veena Doraiswamy Iyengar and his young age etc.But when the concert started off with a scintillating ‘Sriganapathini’ in raga Sourastram there was a hushed silence and a serious listening mode in the audience. There was an impressive mark of authority and confidence in the stylish rendering. Style matched the substance.

Durmargachara in raga Ranjani was elegant and well rendered. The brief raga alapana in Bilahari was a pleasure to hear from the youngster and the krithi ‘paridhanamechite’ embellished the raga. So also the well selected sparkling pearls which followed in the form of raga Rithi Gowla, Kamas, Ganamurthi and more. The rendering of the raga Madyamavathi was the highlight marked by chaste melody, srthi sudham and ease.


There was ease and tranquility in his style and rendering and absolutely free from any dramatics and show off of any virtuosity with an eye on an applause. But approbation came as a natural sequence and with spontaneity. The mesmerized audience at some stage of the concert decides that they have the right and privilege with the artist and put in their choice of some raga or a krithi and the artist did not disappoint any one of them. Some other ragas which embellished the performance were Bhageshwari, Shankarabaranam, Yaman and kapi.

Mr. Venkatasubramanian gave able accompaniment on the Violin. Delhi R. Srinivasan on the Mridangam added color to the concert with his controlled, soft and fine rhythmic accompaniment on the mridangam.   It was a pleasurable concert

Author: World Music Central News Department

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