Former Wilson Pickett Guitarist Paul Zunno Releasse Solo Acoustic Album

New York (NY), USA – Paul Zunno, a self-taught guitarist, grew up studying the recordings of Wilson Pickett and Gary U.S. Bonds. He later became Pickett’s lead guitarist and has written and recorded songs for Bonds. Zunno credits his new release "Paul Zunno- Solo Acoustic" to his education in this working classroom.
 "When I started I didn’t have the skills to make this recording," says Zunno. "They taught me a lot."
 Zunno explains what made his mentors great was their honesty. He saw how musicianship and not technology created their sound.
 "I decided to record live with just my guitar," says Zunno. "I was trying to capture myself as a performer like they did."Zunno wrote 10 new originals for "Paul Zunno- Solo Acoustic" and also covers songs by Bob Dylan, The Doors, Tom Waits, Doc Pomus and Dolly Parton.
 "I’ve made a point to perform songs by great songwriters," says Zunno. "It’s a good way to see how your own songs stack up."
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