Bantous de la Capitale Releases Bakolo Mboka

Paris, France – Bantous de la Capitale are back with another album which is set to be released in several countries worldwide this year. Throughout November and December the new album ‘Bakolo Mboka’ (Cantos) from world music legends, Bantous de la Capitale, will be released in several countries worldwide. Release dates for the UK, Germany, Benelux, Japan, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia will come this year while the albums release will follow in early 2008 for the USA and South Africa.

When Les Bantous de la Capitale played their first concert on August 15th in 1959 in Brazzaville, many music fans were surprised to find out that the famous group was actually made up of their countrymen. Band members Jean-Serge Essous, Dieudonné ‘Nino’ Malapet, Saturnin Pandy, Edouard ‘Edo’ Ganga, Célestin ‘Célio’ Kouka and Daniel Loubelo ‘De la Lune’ were the forerunners of a musical movement which turned central Africa upside down.

The group has evolved enormously since 1959, but they haven’t stopped making music and inspiring change since that first concert. With this latest release from the African legends of world music, fans are treated to 13 new tracks fresh out of the studio. The sound is fresh – and refreshing – beautiful rumbas and salsa pieces.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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