The Best Of Lisa Gerrard Now Available

New York (NY), USA – The 4AD label has put together a selection of the best recordings in Lisa Gerrard’s long and influential career with the release of The Best of Lisa Gerrard.

Globally known for her award-winning major film scores. Lisa Gerrard is also highly respected for her solo work, collaborations with Irish composer Patrick Cassidy, and as a member of Dead Can Dance.

The Best of Lisa Gerrard presents key moments from twenty-five years, including Dead Can Dance, scores from numerous award-winning motion pictures such as Gladiator, Whale Rider, and Ali, and a selection from her acclaimed solo and collaborative albums.

Each song on this 13-track retrospective was selected and sequenced by Gerrard, resulting in a seamless album that offers insight into her musical output.


Gerrard’s musical journey began in the early 1980s when she and fellow Australian Brendan Perry formed the extraordinary and uncategorizable Dead Can Dance. Together they released over nine albums between 1984 and 1995 creating a timeless mix of world music influences, medieval chants, folk ballads, baroque styling, Celtic flavors and electronics.

The international recognition Gerrard received has allowed her to expand her artistic vision, collaborating with famed composers such as Patrick Cassidy and Pieter Bourke, as well as releasing a number of solo albums, including this years The Silver Tree.

Additionally, Gerrard has scored or contributed to several films including Gladiator, Heat, Mission Impossible 2, Layer Cake, Insider, Nadro, Ali, Whale Rider, Black Hawk Down, Tears of The Sun, Constantine and El Niño de la Luna.

Lisa received GRAMMY and Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe award for the score of Gladiator, and four international awards for Whale Rider. She also received Golden Globe nominations for Insider and Ali.

More recently, Gerrard’s life and work was presented in the documentary portrait Sanctuary: Lisa Gerrard directed by Clive Collier. This intimate and emotional film captured Lisa’s thoughts and creative musings about her work and featured interviews with many of her friends, family and colleagues over the years including Michael Mann, Russell Crowe, Niki Caro and Hans Zimmer. The documentary was released alongside Gerrard’s recent fourth solo album The Silver Tree.

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