Cameroonian Sally Nyolo returns with a new album, ‘Mémoire du Monde

Sally Nyolo - Mémoire du Monde
Sally Nyolo – Mémoire du Monde
Paris, France – Sally Nyolo returns with a new album, ‘Mémoire du Monde,’ released in November 2007.
Sally Nyolo received a great deal praise for her first four albums. Now she is back with another record of African music from the soul.

With this latest album, Sally continues with the tradition of mestizo music – musical and cultural fusion – to produce an album rich in African sounds but also ripe with several tracks written in French. On ‘Mémoire du Monde,’ as on several previous albums, Sally sings in both French and Eton (her native language). The album was fully realized by Sally herself – she composed, wrote and produced all of the tracks except for those where she collaborated with Michel Aimé, Marc Etienne and Sylvain Marc.

This latest work highlights the remarkable talent of the Cameroonian native and Sally confirms once more a talent that was already recognized with her first album, Tribu. Sally Nyolo won the RFI Discovery 97 prize from Radio France Internationale in June of 1997 for her first album. Tribu was praised highly both for its artistic merits, and also as coming from one of the promising hopes of the new generation of African musicians.

With her second album, Multiculti, Sally confirmed her vocal talent and proved her staying power.

The album is about to be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Portugal, Poland, Japan and the US.
A tour of Germany is planned for the beginning of 2008.

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