Gresha Schuilling releases Christmas Single in London

Gresha Schuilling
Gresha Schuilling
Sri Lanka’s rising star, Gresha Schuilling, has created music history by being the first singer from the island to release a Christmas single in London.
 Gresha Schuilling is Sri Lanka’s latest singing sensation, she is a young musician with a powerful voice. She has recorded a Christmas single, ‘Cold Cold Night,’ composed by the award winning Sri Lanka born singer/song writer Nimal Mendis and his son Paul Marie Mendis. The single ‘Cold Cold Night’ is being promoted by MediaEye Music in London via the internet but people around the world could also order the CD Single from Media Eye Records in London.Gresha was born in in Colombo on May 15, 1983. Both sides of the Schuilling family are very musical. She spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia where her father worked for the Inter-Continental chain of hotels. Gresha was educated at the Continental School in Jeddah. The school was very good at harnessing talent and Gresha excelled in music.
 She said: ‘We also had an extremely talented band called Impact which we formed when we were 14.We bagged the award for best band at our annual Battle of Band competition both of the years that we performed and also for best singers – Katy Parry and Gresha Schuilling.’
 When the family moved back to Sri Lanka, Gresha was drawn to the music scene. She had completed her GCE ‘Advanced Levels’ in Colombo and she decided to pursue her interest in popular music.
 Gresha noted: ‘Musically, I am inspired by all types – from baroque to grunge, from the koto to the distorted guitar and from the Ink Spots to Shaun Kingston.’
 Gresha is now recording an album in Colombo, due to be released in 2008. She has recorded a Sinhala film classic ‘Ganga Addara,’ also composed by Nimal Mendis. The original song was sung by the Sri Lankan cinema icon, the late actor Vijaya Kumaratunga – he made it a number one hit in Sri Lanka. Gresha has her own style with the song and she is poised to release it in Sri Lanka.
 She is also reaching out to the socially excluded in her island home. Gresha Schuilling has been appointed an ‘Ambassador for Autism’ in Sri Lanka by the Autism Awareness Campaign UK and Sri Lanka. She is determined to make a difference to the lives of children with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome in Sri Lanka.
 Gresha said on autism, “Autistic is the adjective of a development disorder of the brain, NOT a definition of who a person is! Educate yourselves and others on this disorder more common that Down Syndrome or cystic fibrosis. It is 4 times more common in boys than in girls and is said to be as common as one in every 250 children born in recent years. It is our duty as people who have been given the talent and opportunity to do everything we can to increase awareness of Autism. Ignorance in this case is as far from bliss as it can get.”
 She has the potential to become a huge international star and one hopes that an international record label will open the door to Gresha Schuilling to introduce her to a wider international audience.
 Her ‘Cold Cold Night’ Christmas single has been released in London and is available for download for only 49 pence via the MediaEye Music website:

The CD can be ordered for £1.99 plus postage from MediaEye Music: or by telephone in the UK: +44(0)1895253192

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