Bombay Beatz

David Starfire - Bombay Beatz
David Starfire – Bombay Beatz
David Starfire has released Bombay Beatz, on Six Degrees Records digital-only “Emerging Artist” Series. He will be making a DJ appearance in Las Vegas (10/26), Los Angeles (10/27), San Diego (10/27), Lake Tahoe (10/31), and Seattle (11/8) to promote this release.
 David Starfire blends world music with hip-hop and breakbeats to create a unique sound that is catching the ears of music fans across the globe. A classically trained multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer/DJ that has lived in NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles is bringing the world closer together by fusing different genres of music.David followed the footsteps of his grandfather, Oscar Rouzan, who was a famous horn player from New Orleans who played with Paul Simon, Pete fountain, Al Hirt and many other greats. He started playing the guitar at 8 and by 17 was composing, producing and recording songs in his bedroom on a 4 track and playing 5 instruments. He soon became enthralled with electronic music and gravitated to computer music production using sampling and drum machines. By the time he was 19 he was in the band Lesson Seven touring nationally with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Filter and Skinny Puppy. After years of experimentation, he mastered the art of mixing electronic music and traditional instruments though many years of producing and recording.

After a solo career and several bands later he was in the critically acclaimed band Cellopane Masses. He eventually became interested in World music and studied artists from the Middle East and started to mix the two together. His reputation for such a unique style landed him several DJ gigs in the West Coast and beyond.

In 2004, he was the first American "Breakbeat" DJ to complete a successful DJ club tour throughout India bringing his unique sound of "Bhangra Breakbeat" to Bombay, Chenni, Goa and several other cities. He has since shared the bill with the almost every major DJ and has performed at large scale international festivals such as Coachella, Love Parade, Electric Picnic, Shambhala, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle and Earthdance. He has performed in the UK, Canada, India and most major cities in the USA and has developed quite a following. Recently, he has added bass guitar and electronic hand drums to his DJ set and has been very well received.

David has songs on several CD compilations for companies such as Lonely Planet, Red Bull, Craigslist and Freek Factory. He has songs featured on Sharon Kihara’s Bellydance Superstar DVD and Sera’s "East Coast Tribal" DVD. He’s written songs for video games and TV and cable programs like ESPN2, Fox Sports, MTV, MTV2, Fuse, Showtime and HBO. He co-wrote/produced the song “Radiation,” by Lesson Seven, which was on the national top 20 independent dance charts. He has collaborated with FreQ Nasty, MC 900 Ft Jesus, Information Society, American Music Club, Wire Train, and members of Beck. His songs are frequently played on BBC1 Radio shows Bobby & Nihal, Friction, Paathan, Generasian and several other stations. David is also a respected music-marketing consultant and has worked with major and indie labels.

Bombay Beatz is David Starfire’s debut release on Six Degrees Records and features voices in Hindi, Punjabi, and English merged with hip-hop, UK breakbeat and traditional Indian instruments to create a new eclectic sound.

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