Massive Audience for Te Vaka in Paris

Paris, France – More than 10,000 people got to see Te Vaka perform live in Paris. Their 2 performances for the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup created a magical Pacific atmosphere for an eclectic and excited audience. Te Vaka looked very much at home on the massive stage with spectacular lighting and pumping sound system.

The fine weather and clear skies over France on both nights added to the occasion. Melodic voices and tribal beats fuelling their colorful, hip-shaking dancers met with screams of approval from the crowd, who, at times sang along.

The 90 minute show ended with a powerful Te Vaka Haka, Oku Tupuga, delivered with a promise of a South Pacific comeback in 2011 got a huge response from an already ecstatic audience. The group continues on to Germany for 2 more sold-out shows before returning to Australia where they will perform before heading to Asia at the beginning of 2008.

Te Vaka is an eleven piece group from the South Pacific originally based in Auckland, now resident in Australia. They have been successfully touring the world for the last 10 years and have released 5 internationally acclaimed albums. They are currently touring Europe and have just finished performing for the Rugby World Cup in Paris. They were the only band invited to perform at this prestigious event from both New Zealand and Australia.


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