November Programming at World Music Saturdays at Colonial

Sala Colonial
Sala Colonial
Madrid, Spain – World music venue Colonial fills up with southern warm. From Madagascar to Brazil, the programmers invite the audience to cross three continents, traveling through  European cosmopolitism, Balkan charm and a complete travel across Africa from end to end.
 November 3rd
 Origin: Madagascar / Spain
 Style: Malagasy music
 Kilema bring us the Malagasy heat, from the deep southern Indian Ocean, to Andalusia, where he lives nowadays. An irresistible rhythm, plenty of life and soul, to make the ancestors dance.
 Line-up: Randrianantoandro Clément (vocals, marovany, kabosy, katsá), Randrianantoandro Nesta (katsá, melodica and vocals), Pedro José Delgado Antúnez (bass, calabash, bamboo and vocals), Miguel Navarro de Vera (cajón, cymbals, percussions).November 10th

Origin: Spain / Algeria / France / Argentina
Style: Raï / Fusion / Hip-hop

Nour means "light" in Arabic. Enlightening a new way for Yacine Belahcene, this half Algerian half Spanish who was the singer of the great and amusing fusion combo Cheb Balowski, that embarks on a new flight in this international project, full of energy and consciousness.

Line-up: Yacine Belahcene (vocals), Stéphane Carteaux (sampler, keyboards), Pablo Potenzioni (drums), Francisco Guisado ‘Rubio’ (guitar), Olalla Castro (vocals), Manolo López (bass).

November 17th
Cherno More

Origen: Bulgaria / Sudan
Style: Afrobalcanic music

From the Black Sea to the Black Continent. Cherno More (Black Sea in Bulgarian) brings together an unprecedented blend of Balkan and African music through Wafir’s wisdom and brothers Ivo and Nasco Hristov virtuosity.

Line-up: Wafir (ud), Ivo Hristov (clarinet), Masco Hristov (accordion).

November 24th

Origen: Brazil
Style: Brazilian Popular Music (MPB)

Armandinho is one of those essential musicians of the Brazilian Popular Music. Guitar player, singer and composer of songs popularized by stars like Caetano Veloso, Moraes Moreira or Gilberto Gil, brings us his own show.

Sala Colonial (Madrid)
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