Murat Ses latest solo album Umami released in the USA

New York (USA) – Murat Ses’ latest solo album Umami has been released by Clou Records (Florida-USA) and will be distributed by several companies including the New York label PWMN (PeaceWorkMusicNetwork). Digital distribution will be on iTunes, and other online sales companies.

Umami is Murat’s seventh solo album following to Automaton² (Automaton Squared), ‘Binfen 2005 Remix", and “Electric Levantine” all recorded in the USA. ’Umami’ is a Japanese word meaning "savory" thus applies to the sensation of savoriness, a distinctive taste, different from sweet, sour, bitter and salty. This is exactly the music philosophy of Murat who is in search of musical and artistic perfection and distinctiveness.

The tracks of Umami also come up with Murat Ses’ legendary fusion styles (known as Anadolu Pop in the 70s and still en vogue in Turkey and Electric Levantine of the 90s).

Highlites of 2005 – 2007: Following to his two new albums (Automaton² – San Francisco Miami Impressions and Binfen 2005 Remix), one of his tracks (Ihlara Valley from Automaton²) found its way into one of the most prestigious samplers ‘Asian Garden Vol.2’ with greats of the genre like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan et al with a special note. Two other tracks (’Binfen 2’ fm the album “Binfen 2005 Remix” and ‘Electric Levantine’ fm the album “Electric Levantine”) and a 60s work by Murat Ses (Eastern Love) were released by Lola’s World Records: Made In Turkey, Vol.2 and Vol.3. All Lola’s World Records (Germany) compilations were realized by renowned radio personality and Djane Gülbahar Kültür.

In 2007 the advertising agency TBWA in cooperation with Pelikan Muzik (Istanbul-Turkey) decided to use the early 70s Murat Ses song Garip Çoban (meaning Poor Shepherd in Turkish) in PlayStation 3 international campaigns commercial.

All artwork/liner notes are created by ÖpBe who has been designing all seven solo albums by Murat Ses.The music has been composed during his stays in the USA (New York and Miami), Austria and Turkey (Bodrum), enriched by Murat’s microtonal synthesizer performances and additional vocal contributions by friends from USA, Japan and UK.

More information at Murat Ses official website and Clou Records


Author: sven