Jerez-Texas, Hybrid Music Around Flamenco-jazz


Patchwork (2007)

Since it was founded in 2002, Jerez-Texas have given numerous concerts in so different places as Spain, France, Namibia or Mexico. In their 2007 album, Patchwork, this trio extended the spellbinding mixture between flamenco, jazz, and classical music inaugurated with its first album in 2004.

The Jerez-Texas essence resides in the union of three instruments: flamenco guitar, cello and drums. In the last ten years, many groups have appeared in Spain who have tried to exploit the sensual and successful blend between flamenco and jazz, but most of these projects just have repeated classical ways without any authentic contribution. Fortunately, this Franco-Spanish trio have proved in Patchwork that there are projects ready to widen challenges and horizons.

In this case, the new routes are led by compositions with a special emphasis on vocal surprises. Flamenco and jazz singers are complemented by guest artists from the Mediterranean folk singers and even some with warm African roots, in an approach to world music. A deep union between the passion of flamenco with the freedom of jazz and elegance of the classical music reaches its zenith.


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Author: rajeshg666