Smt. Bhanumathy Vishwanath’s concert exceeds Expectations

Author: Ms Lakshmi
 It was a remarkable concert by Smt Bhanumathy Vishwanath on the 09th Sep. at the Subha Sidhivinayaka temple in connection with the Vinayaka Caturthi. Her rendering was a sheer ripple of the fountain of aesthetic melody. Blessed with a melodious voice and with the blend of a natural aptitude and perseverance her musical skill has indeed reached a laudable height. She may not be found in the list of the branded list of musicians doing the circuit but might be aptly in the top list of the upcoming specialty musicians. Well so also was her guru the doyen of carnatic music the reverent Smt. DK Pattammal.The concert marked its excellence right from the start with a crisp varnam in raga Vasantha. The mood was set with a relaxed and dignified rendering of Muthuswami Dikshidars kriti ‘Vallaba nayakasya’ in raga Bhegada. The audience got all set to a serious listening mode. It was nice to see a host of keen music students and also the local Music Teachers among the well discerning audience.
 The concert progressed with some simple renderings of kritis without much paraphernalia like Pahimam Sri Rajarajeshwari in raga ‘Jana Ranjani’ and Mayamma yanine in rag ‘Ahiri’.
 Now followed a crisp and graceful rendering of a raga alapana in rag Poorvi Kalyani’ and the kriti – ‘jnana mosaga radha’ a top hit of the yesterdays, which took the audience into a mood of nostalgia. The ease with which she handles the raga is remarkable. ‘Ni Daya Rada’ in Vasantha Bhairavi and Kaligiyunde in Kirvani were the climax of the concert. More so the swaraprastara were imaginative and well chiselled.
 But again an important aspect of any successful concert is the team of accompanists and here we could find it in veteran Shri KLN Shastry who added grace and colour to the concert with his splendid violin accompaniment. The mridangist Shri AS Ranganathan and Shri AS Krishnan on the morsing carried the concert to delightful heights with soft and well blended percussion accompaniment and then showing their virtuoso in the Thani Avarthanam.
 And after the thanks giving speech etc after the thani the concert went off to the winding up mode and the artists regaled the audience with some exquisite lighter pieces like the Velavan Varuvaradi, veera Hannuman, Maiya ri mohi makhan etc.
 The audience gave a standing ovation and were taken by surprise with an after concert food packet – Prasad which was offered by the Temple organisers. That’s good diplomacy to retain a better audience participation.
 The concert was sponsored by ‘Technomedia Solutions’ and ‘Issai kudumbam’

Author: World Music Central News Department

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