Oliver Mtukudzi Releases Tsimba Itsoka

Oliver  Mtukudzi - Tsimba  Itsoka
Oliver Mtukudzi – Tsimba Itsoka
Oliver Mtukudzi, the Zimbabwean Afro-pop icon who joined the Heads Up International label with the 2005 release of Nhava, examines the lasting effect of gentle and positive music stands in the face of today’s chaos in his new release,Tsimba Itsoka (HUCD 3124). The twelve-song CD is set for worldwide release on August 28, 2007.
 Translated literally, Tsimba Itsoka means “No foot, no footprint,” a simple phrase that serves as the foundation for every song on the album.“Everyone’s footprint is different,” says Mtukudzi , who has crafted a brilliant body of work over the past three decades by cutting to the core of the most complex political, social and spiritual themes and recasting them in the most simple and direct terms. “Each person is moving on a different path through life. Some are traveling in a positive direction, while others are traveling in a negative direction. But everyone leaves their mark on the world, no matter how big or small.”

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