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Toumast -   Ishumar
Toumast – Ishumar
Paris, France – After the world release of his new album Ishumar, Toumast  embarks on a summer tour across Europe.

The album was released in France in October of 2006 through Kraked/Le Village Vert and was a big hit among world music fans. Now the album is being released worldwide from Real World Records (excluding Switzerland and Belgium). You can find it next in the UK on July 23rd.

In the meantime Toumast will be touring across France and Europe this summer, showing its live skills. The tour consists mainly of stops at the many summer festivals happening around the area this summer, including the WOMAD Festival July 27th in the UK, the Paleo Festival July 28th in Switzerland, and later on at WOMEX in Sevilla (Spain) in October.

Lead singer Moussa is used to life on the road, being born in a wide valley on the border between Mali and Niger, deep in the Sahara desert, where most of his life was spent as a traveling nomad. Music was an important part of that culture, and after he finished military training, the now Toumast (meaning identity) picked up a guitar and began singing revolutionary songs with his group. 

One of Moussa’s fortunes has been to have met and worked with Dan Levy, a composer of music for film, theatre and contemporary dance based in Paris, who co-produced and arranged the album with Moussa.

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