Xareba, Pape Armand Boye’s 2007 CD is now available

The first of their generation to bring acoustic folk music to the Senegalese music scene, Pape Armand Boye and his brother Badou Boye continue to create a sound that is uniquely human and sincere.

As composer, arranger, producer, vocalist, bassist and guitarist, the depth of Armand’s art is not limited to one particular area of creativity. Through his art-filled compositions, Pape Armand Boye succeeds in bringing craft and technique back to music. Moreover the substantive foundation evident in his sound is not isolated to his own compositions, but rather extends in his work producing, arranging, writing and playing for others. His emotive lyrics and passionate, complex guitar solos fill his compositions with a substance that is rare in today’s music scene.

Armand’s music is uniquely shaped by his Senegalese upbringing but also by his time living and working in Europe (between Paris and Hamburg) and the United States (Brooklyn, New York). An artist often finds difficulty in defining his work but with Pape Armand’s original compositions even the most experienced have found it hard to categorize a sound colored by such a breadth of influence.

The ingredients consist of acoustic soul, African folk, jazz , percussion and traditional African vocals and harmonies, but the end result is something one has to hear to appreciate.

Pape is still working with musicians Badou Boye and Georges Dieme, Clifton Hyde , Mojo the Cinematic of Dujeous, Ben Tyree, Gros Ngolle Pokossi.

Author: affassaddarr