Remarkable Ivorian Singer

Dobet Gnahoré

Na Afriki (Cumbancha, 2007)

Ivorian singer has been described as an exciting new African talent. She definitely has a terrific voice and an outstanding band. Don’t expect talking drums or indigenous stringed instruments. She does not use too many West African traditional instruments, except from some percussion. Instead her band uses drum set and guitars.

On Na Afriki, Gnahoré’s vocals are really what stand out. In addition to the main solo parts, she harmonizes and uses additional backup singers. Together they create remarkable vocal sections.


The Ivorian singer has a pan-African philosophy. She composes in several African languages, including the indigenous Ivorian languages of Dida and Malinké, and in Wolof (Senegal), Fon (Benin), Lingala (Congo), and Xhosa (South Africa).

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Author: World Music Central News Department

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