Tribal Cello

Emily Burridge

Bridge between Worlds (2006)

British cellist Emily Burridge is a world traveler who enjoys interacting with other cultures. Bridge between Worlds is a melodic classical music work scored for a full orchestra, piano and solo cello. Throughout the melancholic pieces, Burridge adds her own field recordings of traditional songs and tribal chants of the Xavante tribe of Brazil. 

Burridge was trained in both chamber and orchestral playing. At a lager stage she became actively involved in rock and popular music productions.

Emily Burridge has set up the Hummingbird Fund to collect 15% of Performance Royalties from Bridge between Worlds and through the registered charity Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust will organize the funding of projects for the benefit of the Xavante of Marimbu Village.

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Author: World Music Central News Department

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